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  • January 19, 2020 12:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    I’m a Jersey girl headed to VCDL’s lobby day on Monday in Richmond. Why am I going?

    I am going to support my fellow lawful, Constitutional gun owners, peaceably assemble, express my opinions and exercise freedom under the Second Amendment.

    By now you are aware that Governor Northam has abused executive power by declaring a State of Emergency in order to create a gun free zone.

    In order to create a gun free zone, cages are being made with metal fencing. Diagrams show only one entrance, and three additional exits, but all on the same side.

    As an infringed citizen in New Jersey, our entire state is a supposed gun free zone. Only the criminals and government have guns in public.


    The caged-in area is a gun free zone and we all know that gun free zones are defenseless killing zones. ---Theresa Inacker


    When given the choice, every time without hesitation, I will choose to not be in a gun free zone. In New Jersey, I do not have a choice. But when I go to Virginia, I do have a choice. That’s why I’ll be shoulder to shoulder with my fellow armed citizens outside the gun free zone.

    I have fond memories of traveling to Virginia with my late husband, Rich. A concealed carry permit holder from many states, he always carried where lawful. One of our funniest moments happened in a museum in Virginia. I was flagged by security for carrying a metal-tipped umbrella. I was ordered to remove it, check it or get out. My husband smiled broadly the whole time, we found great humor in the illusion. Security is an illusion.

    It is a slippery slope when your government unilaterally carves out gun free zones and sets up cages. In New Jersey, we lost our rights incrementally over decades, rather than in a quick swoop as Virginia faces. Be warned, you must object and use all lawful avenues possible to stop this slope, lest you become as New Jersey.

    The cage is a microcosm of the bigger problem. Tyranny is at the door. Fences, cages, oppression—it’s reminiscent of the scenes in Red Dawn, where folks are held behind wire fences and shot by cruel dictators. Do you think it couldn’t happen to us? I bet you didn’t see what’s happening in Virginia today either.


    Theresa Inacker is Communications Director here at the Coalition, offering our readers insight & expertise on all things SCOTUS related. Her timely & powerful Op-Ed's are razor-sharp, and cut out all the BS you have to endure from other sources. A true Patriot, she wears several hats.

    As the NJ Ambassador of The DC Project, she's one of a group of 50 women---one from each state---that marches on Washington every July pounding on the doors of our elected Representatives & US Senators to inform them that women have the right of self defense and to choose the tools necessary to ensure it. These tools include standard capacity (30 ROUND) magazines (ANJRPC v NJ AG Grewal). Look for the DC Project women (in their teal shirts?) and our CNJFO members with BANNER(S) as you scan through Monday's tv news!

    Inacker is an attorney, Mom, pheasant hunter, AR-15 sporting rifle owner, former Editor of the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal and has been admitted to the US Supreme Court Bar. She will be accompanied tomorrow in Richmond by committee members Alex Gubenko, CNJFO VP Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal and several rank & file CNJFO members, PATRIOTS ALL!

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  • August 13, 2019 2:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Black Wire Media Tuesday August 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    35 shooters donned their souvenir t-shirts August 11th (last Sunday) for our summerImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, outdoor, nature and water fundraiser as the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners hit the finely manicured Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays course built on the grounds of an abandoned limestone quarry. Proceeds from the 100-clay pigeon, 17-station event are earmarked to offset expenses incurred submitting TWO amicus briefs to SCOTUS in the last six months! For some it was their first time shooting sporting clays (Mentors were assigned as squad "captains" to assist where needed) and for others shooting at Lehigh Valley is a thrill every time.

    Image may contain: 2 people, including Jay Factor, people smiling, people standing

    US Supreme Court petitioner & well-known 2nd Amendment advocate Mark Cheeseman, together with historian and NJ "Justifiable Need" gun law expert Jay Factor joined us for our most well attended clays tournament to date. Our souvenir t-shirts emblazoned with, "CHEESEMAN & FACTOR, 5 BLACK ROBES TO NJ CARRY" were custom printed in their honor and feature the famous 7-color Lehigh Sporting Clays ducks & orange clays logo on back (yes we have a few extras).

    Cheeseman's case centers on the illegal application of "rules" that were merely "dreamed-up" and never actually made a part of law, and thus have been the scheme for not granting weapons carry forced upon the gun owners and residents of NJ for over a half-century. Our second amicus brief provides the highest Court in the land the facts & history behind this illegal scheme that goes on to this day! The case will come up for conference (SCOTUS looks at it & decides IF they wish to HEAR it) in October.

    FImage may contain: textestivities also included an awards ceremony with CNJFO President Matt Andras presenting our highest award, the Patriot Pin, to Mark Cheeseman, Jay Factor, life member Rhiannon Teng, and Carmen Urso. This prestigious award cannot be bought, it must be earned through selfless dedication to the 2nd Amendment and the Coalition in particular. Two other Patriot Pin award recipients, Jon MacMillan and Gerard Arose were registered to attend our clays tourney but couldn't make it, so we will seek them out to award them in-person.

    A continental breakfast was served during registration, and everyone was thrilled to receive their Gun For Hire sling "Goody Bag" prior to Jay Factor explaining some of the history that brought us to this moment. A RSO Safety Brief followed immediately before the squads were dispatched for the tournament and a BBQ lunch featuring hamburgers, pulled pork bbq, potato salad, soft drinks, chips & fixins' was served as we asked Mark Cheeseman to address the gathering. Cheeseman thanked everyone there and all of the Coalition membership for their unwavering support of the Second Amendment and his case in particular. Both men gladly wore their new tees and posed next to our new stand-up banners, with signs that read, "5 Black Robes To NJ Carry" and "I am The Coalition".

    As lunch ensued we announced Justin Perkins as winning the tournament with a score of 92 x 100 and awarded him a $100 cash prize! We then held a prize raffle featuring a 17-month membership at USANA-MTC Range in Elmer, NJ and a 6-month membership to Bob's Little Sport Shop Range in Glassboro, NJ. Hats & swag from Henry Repeating Arms, a $125 certificate towards a Cerakote job on a pistol slide from Savage Cerakote (SC Arms) in Spotswood, NJ, AR-15 build parts & mags from Mission First Tactical in Horsham, PA, Gun For Hire sling Goody Bags from NRA Board member Anthony Colandro, Bullet Branch Cigar sampler w/ lighter, NRA-ILA soda can cozies, travel mugs from NJ Concealment Furniture, 12 ga. ammo, CNJFO wearables and (2) FREE rounds of sporting clays donated by Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays!

    Like what we're doing and wish to support our efforts from anywhere in the USA? Please JOIN or EXTEND your membership by going to:www.cnjfo.com/join-us or consider a planned monthly tax-deductible gift atwww.cnjfo.com/Donate or purchase a wearable at: www.cnjfo.com/Store (all donations are tax-deductible).

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