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by Black Wire Media Thur. June 24, 2021

The words "Well Regulated" are the heart of the Second Amendment itself, and they have nothing to do with military orders, chain of command, command structure, or how to salute an officer. Put plainly, it means a Militiaman has the necessary tools and personal items required to wage battle and maintain himself and his equipment. Fast forward two centuries later, when school children are taught that guns are bad and only cops and gang-bangers use them, and the anti-gunners rewrite of this term has taken hold, as adults argue that only National Guardsmen should own AR-15's. We are lost because we don't know where we came from!

The term "Well Regulated" can be applied to several common things of the time period, including kitchenware. A "well regulated" kitchen or hearth means the family has the implements needed to sustain itself and serve meals. Pots, pans, bowls, forks and a spit to cook properly dressed creatures on. There's written proof (see the photo) of what a "well regulated" kitchen is comprised of and the cook never had to crack a salute...

It has been stolen by those that oppose the Second Amendment, and it's long past time the Second Amendment community fought to restore its original meaning. If you tell a lie long enough, people tend to believe it, especially those ignorant of 18th century history. A "Well Regulated" Militia is a group of farmers, tradesmen and others that are well practiced and therefore capable of going into battle with what they own and can carry on their backs. That's it. Full STOP!

So they (the Militia is US!) not only own firearms, they PRACTICE using them. In today's terms, they need ranges to do so. Closing ranges for Covid was blatantly unconstitutional then, right?

What makes a person "Well Regulated"? Our founders said food, a blanket roll, backpack, cup, plate, fork, knife, fire starting kit, bear grease to lubricate their rifle, the rifle itself, lead balls & shooting patches, flints to make the rifle go BANG, black powder, and a possibles bag to put your tools and accoutrements in. Reenactor Brian Engle photographed his equipment and labeled it for us. Engle would be considered "Well Regulated" and would most probably share some of these items with others to help lighten his load. All of these items would be carried on their persons.

History is replete with written examples of privately owned cannon being used by Washington's troops during the Revolutionary War. Historians know this, but since US History is being taught in revisionist style for so long, today's youth are spoon-fed the narrative that only governments ever owned heavy arms. This country was forged on having the tools necessary to WIN a war, and even our current POTUS seems to be in need a history lesson. Perhaps someone on his staff should buy him a ticket to Colonial Williamsburg? It's only a short trip down I-95 from Washington, DC!

Where do we go from here? As the Anti's are trying to confirm the 2nd Amendment anti-Christ David Chipman as the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATF&E), it's time to FIGHT BACK! Call your Senators and tell them "NO" on Chipman. Teach your kids what "Well Regulated" actually means. Join Second Amendment organizations and donate to their war chests. Write an article, volunteer to man a table at a public event, get on your soap box. Before it all goes down the sewer of ignorance.

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