NJ OPRA Request on Active Civilian CCW


Attached is the most recent count on NJ Firearms id cards and carry permits issued. From NJ state police.

 w139606 Cheeseman_Redacted.pdf

We are proposing to have David Jensen and Jay Factor put together an amicus  brief to support the Rogers case. 

We will include the attached information from the W139606 form as clear evidence the Justifiable need standard is indeed a ban on carry. 

It is important to be able to cite the information contained. Can you please get the information verbatim on your website and face book pages. 

I have already redacted my address telephone number and e mail. My name can remain. 

You are free to do a write up as you see fit. More information on the brief will be forthcoming. 

Thank you 


Mark P Cheeseman    

NJ Cases

 Document Name  Link
Rogers v. Grewal (ANJRPC) Filed_Complaint_Feb2018(P015.PDF
Rogers v. Grewal Petition for writ of certiorari 20181220135330168_Rogers v. Grewal - Petition.pdf
Rogers v. Grewal Amicus Brief (States' Attorneys General) 20190118153333691_AZ Amicus Brief - Rogers v. Grewal_FINAL - 23 States.pdf
Rogers v Grewal Amicus Brief - National African American Gun Owners Assoc, Inc 20190130185926355_18-824 Amicus Brief of National African American Gun Association Inc..pdf
Rogers v Grewal Amicus Brief - Law Enforcement 20190201101216788_18-824 Amicus Brief of Law Enforcement Groups et al..pdf
Rogers v Grewal Amicus Brief - NRA 20190201145042371_2019-02-01 Rogers amicus FINAL.pdf
Rogers v Grewal Amicus Brief - CNJFO, et al 20190201160948507_18-824 Amici Brief Coalition.pdf
Rogers v Grewal Amicus Brief - ACRU 20190201142534149_18-824 tsac ACRU--PDFA.pdf
Petition for NJ Supreme Court Appeal - Cheeseman Cheeseman--Notice of Petition for Certification 2018-11-26 (1).pdf
Petition for NJ Supreme Court Appeal - Jillard Jillard--Notice of Petition for Certification 2018-11-21 (1).pdf
 Cheeseman v Polillo Petition for certiorari https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/19/19-27/104463/20190628130131199_Cheeseman%20Petition.pdf
 Cheeseman v Polillo Amicus Brief - CNJFOhttps://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/19/19-27/108456/20190718113811388_19-27%20Amicus%20Brief--PDFA.pdf
 NYSRPA v Bruen decision https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-843_7j80.pdf
 Cheeseman v Platkin (AWB) Case documents
 Koons v Platkin Case documents
 Siegel v Platkin Case documents

CCW Information

Desc   Link
 NJSP Carry Permit Application Procedures (updated 01/23/2023)Instructions_for_permit_to_carry (01-23).pdf
 CCW Info - John Lott Concealed-Carry-Permit-Holders-Across-the-United-States.pdf
 NJ Mag Ban Compliance complying_with_nj_s_mag_ban-.pdf

 NJ Admin Code - Title 13, Ch 54: Firearms Regs

 NJSP Firearms info https://www.njsp.org/firearms/laws.shtml
 How Do I Obtain a Gun in New Jersey?Gun For Hire Info Page
 NJ FARS website  NJ FARS
 NJ Carry Permit Application (updated 01/23/2023)sp-642 (Rev 01-23).pdf
 Mental Health Search Consent Form sp-066_201907.pdf

 NJ Carry Permit Information And Qualification Process

 Handgun Laws (US) Handgun Laws

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