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CNJFO June 2021 Newsletter

June 22, 2021 3:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


June 2021

President's Message

Just one year ago, we were devastated to learn that the Supreme Court of our United States declined to take any of the ten pending Second Amendment cases awaiting cert. While that may have created some doubt in the judicial process, this year, the tables have turned. SCOTUS has taken the NY State Rifle and Pistol case. There WILL be a ruling on this case. Additionally, several politicians have openly threatened SCOTUS (yes Schumer, we are looking at you). Progressing to this month, SCOTUS has recently issued several unanimous 9-0 decisions, almost as if they are daring the Legislative Branch to take on the Judicial Branch in a tag-team grudge match (cue Vince McMahon!). These events give us great hope here at CNJFO for a positive outcome in this pending Second Amendment case. Yes, it will take MONTHS to get a decision in this case, but we will have a decision around this time next year. 

The NICS check delays in NJ have finally resolved themselves, despite the growing month over month background check statistics going stratospheric. Anyone who has set foot in a gunshop in the last 3 months knows that ammo is hard to find, and expensive. Demand is through the roof. Please, everyone, encourage your friends who have gotten into firearms this year to get training.

As we emerge from Covid, CNJFO continues to look forward to organizing and running events which had been previously postponed. Our youth training is scheduled for September. I'm sure we will be working toward another Sporting Clays outing in the fourth quarter of this year, and hog hunts are already tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of next year.

Our next membership meeting will be July 22 at 7pm and will be virtual. Our October meeting will be in-person, location yet to be determined (if you have an 'in' with a venue, please let us know).

We wish that all of you have a safe and fun summer and we look forward to seeing you all at the range. 


-Dan Grdovic


Legal Updates

Carry Permit Lawsuit: CNJFO joined Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and others in a federal lawsuit challenging New Jersey’s unconstitutional firearms permitting scheme, which is well-known to be fraught with delays and obstacles.  The case, called Kendrick v. Grewal, was filed in March 2021, and is currently pending.  A Motion to Dismiss was filed by Defendants on June 4, 2021.  The motion is not based upon the merits of the case, but other procedural reasons.  We will keep you advised of the court’s decision and any other actions.

Carry Lawsuit & the Supreme Court: CNJFO also joined forces with ANJR&PC in a federal carry lawsuit filed in United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.  That case, Mazahreh v. Grewal,  is “stayed” administratively, effectively put on hold, due to the grant of Certoriari by the Supreme Court of the United States in the Corlett (now Bruen) carry case, which it will hear later this year.  This is a usual procedure while everyone waits for the Supreme Court.  The Mazahreh case will be reactivated at the appropriate time.  A decision is not expected from the SCOTUS in Bruen until sometime in 2022.  CNJFO is coordinating with attorneys to participate in the amicus curiae brief (Friend of the Court) process in the Bruen case.   We will keep you informed.

Magazine Ban Lawsuit: CNJFO is also coordinating with attorneys to file an amicus brief in ANJR&PC v. Grewal, also known as the magazine ban case. That case was lost at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals so ANJR&PC is petitioning the SCOTUS to take the case.  The SCOTUS takes only about 3% of cases brought before it, so we need to fully support ANJR&PC in its efforts to challenge these unconstitutional restrictions. 


CNJFO Awards Dick Heller Patriot Pin at DC Project Fundraiser

 CNJFO President, Dan Grdovic awarded Dick Heller of the DC v. Heller Supreme Court Case, a CNJFO Patriot Pin at the DC Project fundraiser held in Moorestown, New Jersey.  Mr. Heller received pin #15. May 15, 2021 Photo Credit:  @MariaManjeloPhotography

On May 15, 2021, CNJFO co-sponsored a fundraiser for the DC Project - Women for Gun Rights. Guest speakers included Dick Heller and Olympic shooter, Gabby Franco. "Education, not Legislation" is the DC Project objective when it comes to gun safety.  Delegates from the DC Project arrived from across the eastern seaboard to attend; Holly Sullivan, President of CCDL from Connecticut; Kelly Pidgeon of Armed and Feminine from Pennsylvania; Amanda Suffecool, Syndicated Radio Host of Eye of the Target Radio; Lauren Hartnett from New York; Brooke Cheney from Connecticut; and CNJFO Trustee and Communications Director, Theresa Inacker, the delegate and DC Project State Director for New Jersey. 


CNJFO Endorses Anthony Colandro & Scott Bach for NRA Board

Voting members of the NRA are encouraged to support New Jersey's only two sitting NRA Board members, Anthony Colandro and Scott Bach.  New Jersey deserves the strongest possible representation at the NRA.  Consider a "bullet" vote by only choosing to vote for those two so that your vote has the most impact.


Instructors Needed For Youth Range Day, September 19th, Union Hill Gun Club, Monroe Township

The CNJFO Youth Range Day has been rescheduled! Instructors are needed. Experience, or NRA, USCCA certification as an instructor is preferred, but not required.  All we ask for is a positive attitude, sufficient knowledge and experience to handle and use firearms in a safe manner, and a commitment to helping introduce the next generation to the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to safely and effectively enjoy the shooting sports.  Contact Youth Committee Chairperson, and event organizer, Eric Saperstein at:, or call 609-658-2955. 


Save the Date! Next Member Meeting: July 22, 2021, at 7 p.m. Virtual - information will follow

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