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  • June 13, 2020 2:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Kudos to Scott Bach, Kathy Chatterton & Dan Schmutter at ANJRPC!

    by Black Wire Media Sat. June 13, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    ANJRPC Executive Vice President Anthony "Gun For Hire" Colandro reported late Friday afternoon that the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs did successfully file a Federal lawsuit in NJ District Court yesterday to OPEN NJ INDOOR RANGES! NJ Governor Murphy seems to always wait for a lawsuit to be filed before he agrees to let gun related businesses (and the NJ NICS portal & firearms permit fingerprinting---stories that we broke) to reopen! Here's hoping for a desirable outcome and thanks to everyone at the NRA & ANJRPC that helped make this happen!

    "The 2nd Amendment isn't just about gun POSSESSION. The Founders used the term "WELL REGULATED" in our precious Constitution. It literally means: Having a rifle, sufficient ball, powder, patches, flints, possibles bag, accoutrements, hard tac (survival food), bed roll, etc., and BE SUFFICIENTLY PRACTICED to hit what you're aiming at, and be able to be called upon to serve in short notice. "Minuteman" came from this. Amateur historians and Rev War reenactors KNOW this definition. So do originalist Judges!" ---Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, CNJFO VP & Reenactor

    CLICK HERE for the video!

  • June 12, 2020 8:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Fri. June 12, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    The great Covid-19 caper continues, with a 11 year old 5th grader in Boy Scouts being the subject of a Police investigation for firearms in his bedroom! After ignorant school officials were made aware via a screen shot of a pegboard display of Nerf, BB, Airsoft and archery bow on a wall in a Maryland bedroom. The screenshot was taken by an unknown busybody during a virtual class held by the school. The school Principal notified the school Safety Officer, and instead of calling the parents, a Cop was dispatched to the home and spent 20 minutes searching the bedroom for weapons and interviewing the boy and the mom, a Navy Vet with small arms training. No weapons were found, no charges filed, nothing illegal was taking place.

    A simple phone call to the mom WOULD have de-escalated the entire "incident", but where guns and kids are concerned officials throw common sense out the window! All in the name of "Zero Tolerance", a "FEEL-GOOD" scenario much like the unconstitutional RED FLAG laws insisted upon by the red-shirted mommies & Karens seeking the manager from Mom's Demand Action! Red Flag gun laws were enacted by the well-meaning but ignorant politicians looking to "fix the gun problem", but somehow they keep missing the mark as more and more rights are stripped from gun owners. It's mostly a case of a solution looking for a problem. Conducting a search of a 11 year old's bedroom surely isn't where "common sense" tells us to be when a phone call to a parent would have been enough.... But WAIT, there's MORE...

    Neal DeBenedetto knows all about how schools overreact, as he was the subject of a Lacey Twp., NJ Police investigation over a fashion accessory known as a "bullet belt" he NEVER WORE TO SCHOOL and only made mention of on social media! His story is one for the record books, as the school board policy inflicted mental anguish upon the entire family, and Neal had to undergo mandatory psychiatric evaluation in order to be let back into school after a 40-day out-of-school SUSPENSION! Full story here: https://www.cnjfo.com/news/8636057 .

    Social media is being used as a weapon to prey upon the American family doing all things American. So you have three choices: #DoingSomething about it like contacting your legislators armed with abuse stories like these so policy changes get made, practice OPSEC (Operational Security) by "cleaning" backgrounds of virtual lessons so storm troopers don't pay a visit, or do nothing and eventually you'll get "THE VISIT".

    Your tax dollars are paying for this ABUSE! Our First Amendment right is being trampled when we have to worry about who is looking at social media scanning it for pictures of kids and guns doing things that kids do...like shooting soup cans with a BB gun in their backyards!

    CLICK HERE for the original story....

  • June 11, 2020 12:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    Op-Ed by Chad Aaronson for Black Wire Media
    Thurs. June 11, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Imagine the outrage if our government said, "You may not protest", "You may not open an email account", or "You may not start a website" (all First Amendment rights). Imagine if they said, "We do not have a scintilla of evidence against you, but you are going to jail anyway" (Fifth Amendment). Imagine at any time, Police can knock your door down and search your belongings (Fourth Amendment). How about, they say you committed a crime, and you go right to prison without defending yourself or facing your accuser (Fifth Amendment). Then there's my personal favorite, the Eighth Amendment, "We're going to subject you to cruel and unusual punishment and there's nothing you can do about it".

    If any one of those rights I mentioned were violated, the people on both sides of the aisle would become apoplectic. Unless it involves GUNS!

    These days all it takes is a neighbor making a phone call to get you forced out of your vehicle at gunpoint and "proned-out" in front of your family. Or a 1-Star review on Google. The infamous "Red Flag" feel-good law that has already been used in NJ as a WEAPON in both the Gleason and Conti incidents ---(Editor).

    So why do we allow the Second Amendment to be treated as the stepchild to the rest of the Bill of Rights? If ever there is a time to squash the gun control debate, it is now. Yet New Jersey's RED FLAG laws continue to violate not only the Second Amendment, but several more as well!

    You think you could have called the Police in these cities that were overrun by these rioters & looters? The Police were trying to stay alive themselves during a complete overrun and anarchy. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN during those times my fine fickle friends.

    50 years ago kids brought their rifles to school for competitions. Now look where we are!


    CNJFO's newest member Chad Aaronson is a small business owner (Car Washes) with five locations. When he's not fighting grime or being infringed upon by the state of New Jersey (10 round mag limit, et-al), he reloads or writes to get things off his chest. We hope you enjoy his straightforward style & analysis. Aaronson has been a shooter for over 21 years, preferring the long range discipline. Shown here yesterday at Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club where he recently became a member, the NRA Pistol Instructor & RSO started reloading just 3 months ago. Judging by his results at 200 yards, we'd say his shooting is as "dialed-in" as his writing!

    Aaronson used his Savage model 10 chambered in .308 Winchester. Topped with a Mueller 8-32x44 tactical scope, a Harris bipod and a bolt handle from Glades Armory.

    The legal mumbo-jumbo:

    Load data is presented for educational purposes ONLY and is not to be construed in ANY way as a recommended load by CNJFO, our Trustees, our committee, our members, the author, the firearm or powder manufacturer. Each Reloader must first consult manufacturer's loading data tables PRIOR to reloading! Thank you & stay safe!

    ---The Editor

  • June 10, 2020 7:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Just one more step in the De-Gunification of our America!

    De-Gunification, definition:

    The slow, methodic trampling of the ways of the gun, the rugged individualism that firearms provide, the traditions endeared for generations, and the Constitutional RIGHTS the Founders gave us. Indoctrination & pollution of the youngest minds so as to enable Anti-Gunners to raise a generation of cartoon-watching pre-schoolers while filling their heads with mush!

    (c) Black Wire Media 2020 (text)

  • June 09, 2020 11:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    by Black Wire Media Tues. June 9, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    CNJFO member Jean Meeker is a security mom. She not only witnessed the recent rioting and destruction in NJ's famed Atlantic City resort, she helped her church group clean it up. A gun owner for 7 years, Meeker saw a need to empower other females and has been helping women train to use firearms for 2 years now. She started with her 2 daughters, both now in their 20's, when her oldest daughter started learning how to shoot from the daughter's ex-boyfriend, a hunter. Meeker made sure her kids learned how to load & safely operate her hand guns, and when & how to use them if the need arose.

    "With all this talk about defunding the police or getting rid of police. With riots hitting close to home. I want to say that I will not be a victim. #NotMe . Any girlfriend of mine who wants to learn more about firearms (owning and/or shooting) give me a call or message me. I’ll help you through the process." ---Jean Meeker, CNJFO member & NJ DC Project volunteer

    Meeker, a NRA member, is a member of The DC Project, a non-partisan group invented by its founder Dianna Mueller, to lobby US Congress people and Senators to halt gun control measures on the national level. Mueller testified at the latest "assault weapons" ban hearing in DC, making national news with "I WILL NOT COMPLY!" testimony. Their motto, "Education, NOT Legislation", emblazoned on their official teal uniform t-shirts, counters the red-shirted "Karens" from Moms Demand Action "looking to speak to a manager" to promote senseless GUN CONTROL! These same measures that make ignorant legislators "feel good" on the surface (and provide "cover" but don't stop ANY crime) and often MAKE MORE VICTIMS!

    Jean currently volunteers with CNJFO's Theresa Inacker as a member of the NJ DC Project group that Inacker leads as the NJ State Director and Delegate. The NJ group is tasked with visits to NJ legislators at their offices to inform them that gun rights are women's rights, NJ needs firearm carry rights restored, and women use firearms in self defense to protect their families instead of becoming victims.

    These intimate educational meetings often entail personal horror stories of blatant abuse, victimization, attempted rape, the Carol Bowne homicide, and other examples of why gun rights and CARRY need restored. They bring a powerful personal message to NJ legislators in a way that sound bites simply can't. Often the legislators are stunned with mouths open in awe of these strong, independent women! One of a cadre of over 20 women volunteers throughout the state of NJ, the former Middlesex Co. resident now calls Atlantic Co. her home of 27 years.

    "In the years I'm involved in shooting I've slowly seen our rights being taken away without evidence that any of the laws would legitimately change any mortality/crime rate. I also did not see our conservative political representatives stand up for these rights and felt the need to start saying something. When friends of mine started attending local town and county committee meetings, I did too, in order to voice our desire to have our representatives make a stand that they too support the Second Amendment and that they would not support any more restrictions on law abiding gun owners. They know the law abiding gun owners are not the problem." ---Jean Meeker, CNJFO member & NJ DC Project volunteer

    Black Wire Media asked Meeker what role does she see herself doing to get new gun owners comfortable behind the trigger.

    Meeker stated, "I think the first thing in getting a person comfortable is letting them see that I AM (their friend, their relative, their church member) a gun owner. I am not the typical stereotype of what people think gun owners look like. Since they know me personally they agree to go to the range with me and they don’t feel intimidated. In fact, one woman who I am taking later this month has a husband who is a retired LEO but reached out to me to help her. I think once that initial fear is broached by me being there with them the first time then I can hand them off to be professionally trained by an NRA certified person. Even going with them so they won’t be alone throughout".

    Reached for comment earlier today, Theresa Inacker, CNJFO's Communications Director & The DC Project's NJ State Director and Delegate had this to say:

    "Jean is one of the twenty dynamic women who have volunteered to participate in the DC Project on the state level. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and skill with other women new to the shooting sports. The gun permitting scheme here in New Jersey is so convoluted and difficult to navigate—luckily, women like Jean are here to assist." ---Theresa Inacker, The DC Project

    Prior to Covid-19 crippling the Constitution's 2nd Amendment with ILLEGAL range closures, Meeker is an active member at the Atlantic County Firearms Training Facility in Egg Harbor Twp. They have a popular ladies group that she belongs to there. Jean gets around and can be spotted at Full Metal Jacket in Seaville, Range 129 in Absecon and Shooters in Tuckerton. If you spot this #2AHeavyLifter wearing her "Education NOT Legislation" teal DC Project tee, be sure to strike up a conversation!

    For more info on The DC Project, please visit www.dcproject.info . To learn more about the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO), please visit our Black Wire Media Blog at: www.cnjfo.com/News . To join CNJFO, please visit: www.cnjfo.com/join-us

  • June 07, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Sun. June 7, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Apparently our Governor thinks you can catch Covid from your Glock but not your scattergun! Yes folks, NJ is THAT dumb! Why else would you be allowed inside big box stores but not gun ranges with state-of-the-art air handling systems (HVAC)? ANJRPC (the NJ state NRA Association) filed suit to open outdoor ranges, and the next day or so our Ruler gave us permission to use them. Permission? That's unconstitutional on its face!

    Must we wait till hell freezes over for our indoor ranges to be allowed to open? Has our Governor's Executive Orders gone too far? Many think so and are looking to national firearms lobbying groups for assistance.

    L-R: CNJFO Patriot Pin recipients Jerry Arose and Dave “Rosey” Rosenthal at this morning’s Old Bridge R&P Club sporting clays match. Outdoor ranges have been open since Friday May 22nd. Jerry is manning a Lincoln brand trap used to launch the clay pigeons. We hope all of our readers got to enjoy some great shooting this weekend. Please know that we’re working to get the indoor ranges opened too. Please join or renew today to help us in our mission: www.cnjfo.com/join-us . Thanks from all of us!


  • June 04, 2020 11:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    No photo description available.


    by Theresa Inacker for Black Wire Media Thur. June 4, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    John Petrolino’s “Decoding Firearms, An Easy to Read Guide on General Gun Safety & Use", introduces the reader to the basics of firearms use and safety, providing step-by-step guidance to ensuring that your firearms experience is safe and fun. The author demystifies the technical world of firearms, safety gear, and range etiquette, digesting it down to an easy-to-read and understand manual for the reader.

    Beyond the clear wording and demonstrative illustrations, Petrolino’s book is unique as it covers important topics related to lead and chemical exposure, which should be of particular interest to pregnant women and the health-conscious. In addition to chapters on gun safety rules, safety gear and storage, Petrolino provides a chapter dedicated to “Children & Firearms” where he discusses strategies for educating our children on gun safety, a chief concern for parents entering the world of firearms ownership.

    You will particularly like how Petrolino explains the importance of the Second Amendment, connecting the dots between great rights and great responsibility. Add this book to your library; it will be your go-to resource as a new shooter, as an instructor, or anyone looking to simply decode the world of firearms. ---Theresa Inacker, CNJFO Communications Director


    As Editor in-Chief of Black Wire Media it's my distinct privilege to introduce you to a cornerstone of our Communications Committee, author John Petrolino. Petrolino, soon to be a CNJFO Life Member, attended our "Diner Tour Meet & Greet" late last year, meeting with past President Matt Andras. He's a terrific addition not only to our volunteer writing staff, but to our Shows & Community Outreach Committee as well. Much like his book, John won't let you down.

    A thorough understanding of the material coming from years of firearms ownership, as well as an easy-to-read style borrowed from his many Ammoland & Shore News Network articles will enthrall the reader with its completeness. A true must-read!

    Get your copy HERE:

    Helping CNJFO is easy when you sign-up with our Amazon Smile fundraising account. A portion of what you buy on Amazon is automatically donated to the Coalition!

    Learn more HERE:

    ---Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, Editor in-Chief

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  • June 03, 2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    by Black Wire Media Wed. June 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com

    Carol "Cazzie" Bowne, age 39, was stabbed to death in her own driveway in Berlin, NJ five years ago today as her newly-installed closed circuit video surveillance system captured her homicide. Her estranged boyfriend, who later hung himself, also died. This didn't have to be. It was entirely PREVENTABLE, and just one more notch in the Anti-Gunner's long list of sacrifices at the Altar of GUN CONTROL!

    5 years & 43 days ago Bowne feared for her life enough to go apply for a hand gun purchase permit. She was at her wit's end! The permanent Restraining Order had already been granted, the closed circuit surveillance system already bought & installed, and yet the threats & intimidation continued relentlessly. Day AND night. At work, at home, everywhere. Bowne was powerless to stop the onslaught of verbal & emotional encounters. That piece of paper didn't mean a thing to her Ex! She complained to the Berlin, NJ Police on MANY occasions! They STOPPED LISTENING like in the story of "The Boy who cried Wolf"!

    Bowne needed not only a firearm, she needed THE Unicorn of Unicorns, that small laminated piece of paper known far & wide to law-abiding gun owners in New Jersey as a "Permit To Carry"! Why you ask? Because even IF she was granted the purchase permit on Day #1 when she applied, she'd still be DEAD, and New Jersey gun law would still have had a hand in her death! How you ask? Well, it turns out that gun owners in New Jersey aren't considered worthy enough for self-protection with a concealed OR open-carried hand gun, and in fact just over 1,300 permits for CCW are currently active in a state with well over 9 MILLION residents! Most of them are issued to retired Police, and the balance to private security, bank guards and the connected elites.

    So even IF she would have been granted her purchase permit prior to her murder, IF she chose to FOLLOW NJ GUN LAW instead of risking arrest & imprisonment for 7 YEARS by keeping her equalizer WITH HER, the gun would be locked-away in her residence during her homicide because even domestic violence victims have NO RIGHT OF SELF-PROTECTION and therefore can't keep a loaded firearm with them in a vehicle! Bowne was stabbed to death in her driveway, as she was exiting her vehicle. So she needed a gun WITH HER IN THE VEHICLE, right? Why is New Jersey so ass-backwards when it comes to women's' rights?

    Worse yet, in a deplorable show of anti-gun showmanship, and at a Press Conference with his new "sidekick" Attorney General, Gov. Murphy reversed an Executive Order enabling a streamlining of the time-consuming purchasing process "hoops" that need jumped-through in order to legally purchase a firearm in this state! So all of the tears, the letters that the Bowne family wrote to Gov. Christie, especially her mom's that got published in the daily newspaper of record, the Burlington County Times, they all fell on deaf ears with an AGENDA to disarm New Jerseyians instead of putting domestic violence abusers in jail where they belong and providing for victims' pursuit of self-defense!

    You want to know why "the gun community" is riled-up this week? It's because more stupid sh!t laws have been piled onto us, the LEGAL gun owners! And we as a community are fed-up and NEED YOUR HELP! So whether or not you own a gun, write some letters to the Legislature AND the newspapers and do it for Cazzie! There's RIOTS in the streets and good people deserve to protect themselves when Police are told to stand-down!

    She didn't have to DIE! How many more Cazzie's will it take for NJ residents to stop being sheep?


    We first ran this article 2 YEARS ago in hopes that NJ gun owners would wake-up and realize that we "Gun Nuts" are trying to protect YOUR Constitutional rights. Some listened, some JOINED, and some couldn't bother. Do you know someone that 'sat on the fence" and just decided to become a gun owner? Gift them an annual membership to the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, and JOIN or RENEW today! More work needs to be done! FIGHT DRACONIAN GUN LAW! www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    ---The Editor

  • June 02, 2020 7:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Tues. June 2, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    An undetermined quantity of looters paid a visit to Firing Line, Inc., a South Philly gun store. After snapping a padlock on the gated parking lot, they broke into the rear of the building via the rear door and entrance to Firing Line. They didn't know the 65 year old owner was there at 4-ish in the morning. They learned the hard way and one of the looters was sent to the city morgue on a platter with a well-placed head shot. The rest of the miscreants scattered like a scene in a cartoon, leaving the gun store's owner to pick up the pieces. Someone showed up at a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder... A Police investigation continues as the store owner was taken for questioning.

    CLICK HERE for the story!

  • June 01, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Theresa Inacker for Black Wire Media Mon. June 1, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    As violence, arson and looting erupt in Atlantic City and Trenton, New Jersey’s law-abiding gun owners are once again lamenting how the 2018 ten-round magazine limit has put them at a dangerous disadvantage in the event that self-defense is required.

    In June 2018, New Jersey enacted the magazine reduction ban making it illegal to possess a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

    Although ANJRPC filed a legal challenge immediately after the bill was signed into law, the court refused to provide interim relief, sending New Jersey’s gun owners scrambling to store magazines out of state, or seek other alternatives to avoid being charged by the state for possession. The case is still pending before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The case survived a challenge in November 2019, when the State of New Jersey tried to have the case dismissed.

    History long supports civilian ownership of firearms that can fire more than ten rounds. The earliest repeating firearms date back to the 1500’s.

    As video of the looting and arson in cities show hundreds of people in crowds swarming businesses, burning churches and beating people, it proves the point that dispossessing the law-abiding of magazines holding more than ten rounds is an act of violence itself. The government’s overreaching restriction on concealed carry is also another gross violation of civil rights, placing New Jersey’s good guys at a massive disadvantage.

    Image may contain: outdoor

    The gun control crowd has lost the argument. As threats are made to enter into residential areas, shuttering people into their homes and closing businesses, criminals know that New Jersey’s populace is vulnerable.

    People new to gun ownership are finding out how long the process is. They need the ability to defend themselves NOW, but thanks to New Jersey’s permitting scheme which often takes months, people are finding themselves empty-handed. People are learning that the gun control crowd has sold them total lies, making them believe that it’s easier to purchase a firearm than to buy a toy gun. Remember when New Jersey’s Senator Corey Booker said toy guns were subject to more regulation than firearms?

    People are finding out the truth, at a time when they are most vulnerable, and the police are unable to help them.

    As the riots are the death knell to the lies of the gun control crowd, a new respect and awareness for the Second Amendment emerges. Let us embrace those with a new interest in being prepared, being responsible and safe.


    Inacker wrote the story early in the morning. We waited for superior still photographs to appear from last night's riots in Atlantic City, NJ. Somewhat strange was the fact that although we Googled "Riots" the major news outlets kept showing us pictures of innocent protests, as if none of this had happened! Just a short while ago we found them, and Jon Bradley of Hammonton, NJ is the creator. We also just received an image of a very prepared store owner in Manville, NJ, ready to fend off rioters & looters that would dare attack his family Pizza restaurant business. Suddenly memories of Koreans on rooftops guarding their businesses during that riot come to mind. NJ is a powder keg tonight, and the only people you can trust to defend you is YOURSELF!

    ---The Editor

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