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November 25, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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by Dave Rosenthal, Black Wire Media Editor in-Chief

Thanksgiving Eve Nov. 25, 2020

Either we're all going to DIE or somehow we're all going to SURVIVE Thanksgiving after eight months of fake news, fake science, scare tactics, bullying, mask-shaming, and worst-of-all, MOVING GOALPOSTS! Two WEEKS to "flatten the curve" turned into eight months of communist oppression and idiots (YOU there, look in the mirror!) believing an airborne virus can't make a left or right turn around a suspended piece of plexiglass hanging from a ceiling or screwed-into a hostess station at a restaurant. Nobody wants to die. I GET that.

At WHAT PRICE do Americans regain their lost freedoms? Freedom of Assembly went by the wayside and Freedom of Religion was "suspended" with churches of MOST faiths being told to not pray together, and some congregants were FINED over it for praying in their cars in a church parking lot. IN A PARKING LOT IN THEIR CARS! But we can all stand in-line at Motor Vehicle, huddled shoulder-to-shoulder to pay a TAX for the privilege of driving a vehicle?? How DARE they not follow their own UNCONSTITUTIONAL orders!

Mask-Holes are the new East German Secret Police. Known as the "Stasi", the corrupt commies would look for "VIOLATIONS" so they could gain favors by tattling on their family, friends and neighbors. This brings us full-circle to Thanksgiving. Oregon's Governor Kate Brown, the nation's new Stasi leader, is calling for the tattling! She thinks it's a Police matter and ARRESTS should be made!

It's all about CONTROL! A bean-counter's nightmare brought to you by the Number 10. Ten is the "magic number" of people the Stasi will ALLOW to dine at your holiday table. Our New Jersey Governor, "The Count of Sesame Street", has deemed 11 people at your holiday table means DEATH TO AMERICA! I say if you're stupid enough to adhere to this BS my America ALREADY DIED! Pull the plug on her ventilator cause IT'S OVER!

Freedoms are a fragile thing my friends. Grey areas abound. The Second Amendment is rife with edgy dirtiness, imperfections, St. Louis style BRANDISHING (the McCloskey incident we reported on), shortsightedness, and yes, even "FEEL-GOOD" laws like New Jersey's "Justifiable Need" ( that do away with armed carry by mere serfs who wander outside their homes and businesses. Justifiable Need is merely a cabal that was allowed to exist for over a half-century, a House of Cards if you will, that hopefully soon will be done away with...

As Patriots we must now defend our right to assemble. How much "Red-Neck" is in YOU, eh? Maybe you won't have a "Tommy Gun" in your hands like Tom Turkey in this meme, maybe you'll just be "strapped" so no one can see it? Maybe that AR-15 or scattergun will be within reach as your "illegal" assemblage takes place? Your FREEDOM is on-the-line, it's YOUR 2nd Amendment, so put your "Big Boy" undies on and take care of bidness. Cause Tom Turkey here ain't doin' it for ya!

Be SAFE. If you're sick, STAY HOME! Be a responsible adult. Do the right thing. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Maybe even READ THIS OP-ED to your guests, and then sign them up for membership and/or renewal in NJ's busiest 2nd Amendment organization!

---The Editor

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