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  • September 01, 2020 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Tues. Sept. 1, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Sandy Muldoon wants a higher level of safety throughout her community of North Arlington, NJ, and so she gave a free half-day interactive seminar last Sunday. Entitled "Introduction to NJ Firearms Law, Safety and Home Defense", the class is designed for the public at-large, not gun owners in particular. Hosted by well-known businessman Master Allen DePena, owner of Zentai Martial Arts on Ridge Road in North Arlington, this was Muldoon's first such endeavor.

    Not a stranger to public speaking, the single mom of 3 had prepared an extensive syllabus that covered lots of detail and put fears of the unknown to rest. Firearms law and how its vagueness can be misinterpreted by both new gun owners AND judges alike stunned the room. Jaws dropped and eyes were opened as brains digested what law-abiding firearms owners have to contend with in NJ.

    The non-political approach Muldoon chose to teach with allowed guests to appreciate just how stupid "Feel-Good" NJ gun law IS without risking losing them by "going political". Firearms transportation was covered in-depth as Muldoon explained the NJ "Directly To & From" rule, how it always applies to hand guns, the exemption for long guns when you have a NJFPID card, and gave examples of allowable deviations of roadside emergencies, food and fuel stops, and picking up a passenger while enroute to the range.

    In addition to a lecture format with simultaneous Q&A, Muldoon used 911 audio tapes to drive home the need for having a Safety PLAN and customizing it to your family's needs. The audience listened to actual 911 calls involving home invasions, a term that NJ law enforcement never uses since no one has yet "invented the category" for proper reporting. Some outcomes were more tragic than others, with armed homeowners able to defend themselves and unarmed families being brutalized at their captor's will.

    Establishing a "family password" for unannounced visitations at Zero Dark Thirty by college age offspring can deescalate a defensive response by the rest of the family. Having layers of security starting with reinforced doors, alarms, cctv, dog(s) and Sam Colt's equalizer (a firearm) as a last resort in defense of a home invasion are all good things to have.

    Muldoon herself was a victim of a home invasion decades ago, prior to her firearms ownership and training as a firearms instructor. A perp pushed their door in so hard, he bent it towards her and a family member. All Muldoon had then was a golf club to swing at the home invader. She connected a few times and luckily drove the perp away.

    Audience members were glued to their seats and actively joined the Q&A. Immigrants Virginia Hernandez and Lujan Castro gave personal accounts of how firearms in their home countries were considered evil and never to be obtained for self protection since only criminals and Police had them. The pair also stated that the stigma surrounding firearm ownership continues to this day in the Hispanic community, with many North Arlington residents afraid to mention guns at all. This is a "thing" as Muldoon received nearly a dozen texts just prior to the class from over-cautious residents afraid to be seen in a public setting even talking about gun ownership.

    David "Rosey" Rosenthal, CNJFO vice president, was invited to address the gathering. He outlined CNJFO's Second Amendment mission of education and awareness, and how the Coalition is very active defending the 2nd Amendment all the way up to the Supreme Court. A question from the audience was best answered with Rosenthal demonstrating how bad guys can be shot in the back as they're shooting backwards towards innocents returning fire. CNJFO donated swag, Second Amendment Foundation paperback books, D-Lead wipes, etc., which were all raffled as free door prizes for attending. Nobody left emptyhanded.

    Rosenthal was part of a 2-person expert panel which also included Shari Spivack, Muldoon's co-founder of the Second Amendment Women Shooting Club - SAW, based at the Gun For Hire Woodland Park Range on McBride Ave. in Woodland Park. Muldoon bounced several questions to Rosenthal and Spivack, and the pair handled them all with Muldoon moderating. The audience loved the format.

    Among many questions fielded by Rosenthal on legal technicalities was the story about the history (Newark riots) surrounding the decision by NJ legislators to declare WW2 M1 carbines ILLEGAL because several were stolen from the Plainfield, NJ plant where they were manufactured. An illegal house-to-house search was conducted in only minority neighborhoods and since none were found the rifle was deemed "illegal" by name. The law which was passed decades ago, still outright forbids ownership of a handy tool from WW2.

    Spivack addressed the audience introducing them to the SAW group. Shari fielded a number of questions about female gun ownership, purchasing something that fits, and how everyone shares their firearms at a SAW Port Meet-Up, thus making each trip to the range more enjoyable and educational. The women's shooting club she and Muldoon co-founded is based at Gun For Hire's Woodland Park Range: www.gunforhire.com .

    Muldoon was elated to inform green card holding immigrants present that they too can apply for & receive firearm purchase permits. Spivack and Muldoon are petite in stature and spoke about "EVIL" adjustable stocks on the AR-15 platform and how inconvenient and stupid NJ gun law is regarding what most consider a likeable feature that actually enhances safety so shooters with short AND longer arms can get a proper fit with a single rifle. NJ law backfires, doubling-down on "the stupid" by causing families to purchase multiple copies of the same gun so everyone in the family gets a proper fit. So much for "getting guns off the streets", lol!

    Sandy and Shari took NRA instructor classes together at Gun For Hire, becoming firearms instructors almost a decade ago when few women were becoming instructors (today that's not the case). They approached range owner Anthony Colandro to help start a women's shooting group, which he immediately did and SAW was born. To learn more about SAW, go to www.sawshootingclub.com .

    Muldoon and Rosenthal first met at the Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club's indoor range over 9 years ago. Rosenthal invited Sandy and daughter Molly, age 5, to take Molly's first shots on the .22 bolt action he bought to train his son with. A friendship blossomed, and Muldoon has attended several CNJFO fundraisers including pheasant and hog hunts with daughter Molly. To learn more about the Coalition and follow 2nd Amendment activism & news, please visit: www.cnjfo.com/news .

  • August 30, 2020 3:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    No photo description available.


    by David "Rosey" Rosenthal, Editor in-Chief Black Wire Media

    Sunday August 30, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    First, the legal mumbo-jumbo: I AM NOT A LAWYER!

    Does your range make up NJ gun law all by itself? Do your friends, relatives and FFL's you deal with? Do you get confused trying to interpret conflicting statutes of NJ gun law by yourself and then resort to self-discrimination of your legal gun rights in order to make yourself "FEEL SAFE" when transporting firearms, so you won't be the next victim of persecution for a simple mistake? The following Op-Ed was initially a response to a CNJFO member & supporter who asked me questions based upon a notice he saw at his local range which said:


    If you are shooting alone, you need to bring your current FID with you EVERY VISIT. In addition to it being a law for transporting firearms throughout the state, our insurance policy mandates this. For everyone’s safety this is a must and now in effect. If you have any questions please call or write."


    "1- I thought if your renting alone you just needed a drivers license. What if you don't have a FID CARD?

    1b - If I'm a member shooting alone, I need my FID Card.

    1c - Are insurance companies now getting involved?

    2- I know it's good to have, but is it now a law that you do need it (NJFPID card) to transport?

    3- Again, I know it's better to have your NJFPID card with you, would a copy suffice?"

    I'll handle this one question at a time, applying out-of-the-box thinking and actual examples I've eye-witnessed. Here goes:

    1. Rules set by commercial ranges can change like spools of toilet paper. If they say you have to shoot on one foot weak-handed, then that's what everybody has to do or risk getting thrown-out. This enforcement is due to a commercial insurance carrier's Underwriter doing their due diligence via a suicide threat assessment and is implemented to offset an extremely high insurance premium. It's a choice every commercial range that rents firearms (and has this business model) figures out on its own and puts into effect. Insurance carriers get involved at ranges before the first cement block is laid to create the foundation, let alone establish "rules" put into place to reduce suicides. Since all private clubs mandate you be a NJFPID card holder on their applications, this "rule" by commercial ranges isn't needed. A gun owner & NJFPID card holder doesn't need to rent a gun to take their life. It HAS happened at a commercial NJ range, but is EXTREMELY RARE!

    Many foreign nationals from communist countries get a taste of freedom at commercial ranges. None of THEM have NJ or ANY other driver's license. I've seen it with my own eyes. In fact, foreign nationals represent a huge target market that keeps commercial ranges BUSY and PROFITABLE! A foursome arrives in an Uber from NYC and drops $150 - $200 per head for rental guns, lots of ammo and instruction. It's like going to Disney only LOUDER!

    2. In a one word answer, NO! Here's WHY:

    A NJFPID card has never been required by law to transport firearms within the existing exemptions! One reason is a NJFPID card holder has to be 18 years old. NJ Fish & Wildlife issues hunting licenses to 10 year olds (they need to be accompanied by parent or guardian), and allows kids to HUNT BY THEMSELVES before they're allowed to drive! So if the "Yellow Card" (NJFPID) was mandatory, every 17 year old licensed driver who hunts in NJ with his Mom's or Dad's scattergun would be guilty of an indictable offense (FELONY!) for merely driving the empty scattergun & ammo to the hunting location!

    New arrivals to NJ from out of state can bring-in their 200 gun collections and never register in NJ as a gun owner. So long as there aren't any semi-auto long guns with EVIL features (a scattergun that holds more than 6 rounds or has a pistol grip, and of course rifles with only 2 evil features with the pistol grip) or external mags that hold more than 10 rounds (.22 semi-auto pea shooters actually got a break---signed into law by Murphy!--so 18 round tubular mags are back to being street-legal), those new residents OR VISITORS are "golden"...

    Lots of private clubs hold scheduled competitions with all three popular platforms (rifle, pistol, and shotgun), and do so with visitors from neighboring states. These out-of-state competitors don't hold NJFPID cards! Since LAWS fall on everyone EQUALLY, and these non-residents attend matches without getting arrested for not having a NJFPID card, you shouldn't get in trouble either...

    No one ever arrested a surviving spouse for illegally transporting their spouse's firearms (registered or NOT) to ANY EXEMPT LOCATION! Appraiser, FFL, Gunsmith, range, hunting field, etc., etc., etc. Lord knows plenty of firearm owners have left this mortal coil, so where are all the inmates guilty of a felony for transporting w/o a "Yellow Card"?

    A 18 year old "kid" can be willed firearms (long gun only), and a 21 year old can legally transport hand guns willed to them. Neither kid needs a yellow card to take their deceased relative's firearms to the range or any other exempt location. Which is why none of them are sittin' in jail...

    3. Technically speaking, by the letter of the law, having your FPID card WITH YOU while transporting IS NOT REQUIRED! It's the most common NJ firearms law myth after "hollow points are illegal". Nowhere is it written in the 2C statutes that you must POSSESS IT while transporting. The law merely stipulates that it only be "OBTAINED", thus creating your SBI number. Further investigation on your part will conclude that there isn't ANY law or PENALTY written that indicates POSSESSION must be accommodated to be within the written exemption. Refer back to the 17 year old hunter driving alone above...


    One item to note, a NJFPID does provide an alternative means to possess a long gun while transporting. Namely it provides for lawful transport WHILE OUTSIDE the standard exemptions that apply to non-residents, visiting shooters and residents without NJFPID cards; it is not, however, mandated for transport within the exemptions. It's VERY important to know the EXEMPTIONS and carry your card with you (if you've "OBTAINED" it) in order to exercise your FULL rights as a gun owner like I do.

    The most prominent example of "extended liberties" (as I call them) when transporting LONG GUNS while in possession of your "Yellow Card" is the ability to go virtually anywhere you want with properly secured EMPTY long guns in your vehicle. That boils-down to not visiting schools, government buildings and military installations with small arms in your vehicle. Shopping, visiting, pumpkin picking, et-al are all now covered, thus making your life easier and somewhat hassle-free. You no longer have to live by the infamous NJ "Directly To & From Exempt Locations Rule" that always covers hand gun transport. In fact older versions of the card (like mine from 1983) actually stated its purpose as "PURCHASE and CARRY of rifles and shotguns" and as a permit to possess same.


    1b above is merely a "range rule" designed to lower insurance rates thereby keeping cost of doing business and the resultant annual dues, port fees, etc. at a commercial range, UNDER CONTROL!

    Additionally, if a NJ multi-millionaire that had multiple residences spread throughout NJ's 21 counties, leaving his/her yellow card in Bergen county never stopped them from bringing firearms to their shore house for plinking, competition OR self-defense. Much like when the country was formed, LAND OWNERS HAVE MORE RIGHTS (and more EXEMPTIONS too)!

    I hope I've been helpful. Thanks again for your steadfast support of 2A and CNJFO in particular.


  • August 28, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Image may contain: text that says 'Firearms Investigation Unit residing State of NJ Firearms Purchaser IDENTIFICATION CARD InitialXI Duplicate This Certifies that NAME NAME 123 STREET RD CITY, STATE Addres Number Street, State) is hereby granted permission purchase shotguns pursuant to provisions amendments Date of Birth 12/23/60 Number 01234567890 Signature of applicant 06/15/20 CHIEF Title retumed Superintendent Signature issuing authority NEPT Department 20:58-3d New Jersa sumender Polce whereupon degree. The back of the card will be blank Fingerprint was removed Only basic information on the front'


    by Black Wire Media Fri. Aug. 28, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    It has come to our attention that some FFL's are somewhat confused when handling new firearms applicants. In an effort to stem the tide of phone calls by FFL's (firearms retailers) in New Jersey to the extremely busy NJ State Police Firearms Unit that issues all the permits, and thereby increase the available time to actually PROCESS the same as fast as possible, we hereby remind everyone that the standard right thumb print on the reverse of your State of New Jersey Firearms Purchaser ID card is NO LONGER REQUIRED to purchase firearms in the state (see photo)! Cards with a BLANK back are 100% legitimate AS-IS, and are legal to use. For more 2A news, go to: www.cnjfo.com/news

  • August 25, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Image may contain: 1 person, meme, text that says 'THIS IS n WHEN MY PISTOL PERMITS COME IN umgflip.com'


    by Michael Celano for Black Wire Media Aug. 25, 2020


    If you've been the least bit vocal about your love for the 2nd Amendment and/or the shooting sports in general, don't look now, but you've become THAT GUY (or GAL)!

    The "Go-To" for all things firearms related in your circle of friends AND long-lost relatives. You're no longer "that Gun Nut" that's merely tolerated at parties, vacations and family events. Hell, YOU'RE THE EXPERT! An automatic expert on every facet & minutia concerning NJ gun law, the permitting process, buying, shooting, cleaning, feeding & servicing every firearm, every platform known to mankind. Period.

    It's an AWESOME responsibility, so be prepared for it.

    Between Covid, riots in the streets, the defund the Police movement, and an uncertain future, the formerly gun-hating (actually fencepost-sitting) public is buying firearms like they're going to be OUTLAWED next week! As heard on Gun For Hire Radio, some NJ shore towns have reported a 1,000% increase in NJFPID card applicants! Hell, even the main stream media contacted us just last week to ask about where all the ammo went (see The Star Ledger story of Aug. 21st)!

    Your job as a defender of freedom is to put your sarcasm aside and TEACH! Don't get too preachy, and go slow. Welcome them into gun ownership. Take them shooting, introduce them to 2A groups such as CNJFO, give them our Black Wire Blog archive webpage: www.cnjfo.com/news and let them LEARN at their speed. There's a LOT of unconstitutionality to cover, so LET US DO IT FOR YOU!

    Use personal experiences, highlight some obvious to everyone overreach, and present the material in such a way as to initiate more questions, cause after-all, YOU ARE THE EXPERT!

    We leave you with a scenario that's comical to us "Old Hands" and currently happening throughout NJ to thousands of newly-minted "Experts" and their new gun-owning friends & relatives.

    From action shooter Michael Celano:

    "Friend 4 years ago:

    “No one should have access to firearms. But if you are going to have them, you should have to take a class and get certified! And you definitely shouldn’t have access to "assault weapons" (evil, black, scary-lookin' rifles). You also should have to get a background check to buy a gun.”

    Same friend 4 months ago:

    “I tried to buy a gun and they wouldn’t sell it to me!! They told me I need a firearms ID card (background check). Can’t I just go to a gun show?”

    Me: “No sh*t. I told you that 4 years ago. Go online to your police department and download the forms. And submit. And no, dummy, you can’t go to a gun show! A ~ there are none in Jersey. B ~ you still need a permit!”

    Same friend 3 weeks ago:

    “I don’t understand why it’s taking so long for me to get a permit. It's been well over 2 months! This is ridiculous.”

    Same friend last week:

    “I got my ID and permit, I went to the store and they are out of stock on everything!”

    Same friend 2 days ago:

    “I bought a rifle and a pistol. I couldn’t find any ammo though, so can you give me some of yours? Oh and can you take me to your range and teach me how to use it? I looked online and there aren’t any classes”

    Me: .....just shaking my effing head.

    ---Michael Celano, OBR&PC member

  • August 24, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Dan Grdovic for Black Wire Media

    Monday Aug. 24, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    So, you waited your legislatively mandated maximum 30 days (in practice more like 70+ days, depending on your town) for your "permission slip" from the State to allow you to purchase your handgun, only to find out that the NICS "INSTANT" background check (the UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECK that you constantly hear the overzealous media clamoring for as if it didn't exist), resembles Instant the way Instant Coffee resembles coffee, or the way Government resembles Help.

    Those "increased resources" they speak about? Yeah, they have not increased resources in any measurable manner as the backlog still remains well above 1,000 checks, and has been holding at that level for close to three weeks. At CNJFO we saw this coming. In fact it's why we wrote to Gov. Murphy, NJSP Superintendent Callahan and every NJ Senator & Assemblyperson on July 1st imploring them to DO AWAY with the NJ Portal for the National Instant Check System (NICS)! We're still waiting for his not so "INSTANT" answer...

    Delays such as these have resulted in deaths. Deaths at the hand of the state. Carol Bowne applied for her permits, and was killed on her property at day 43, stabbed to death by an ex-boyfriend whom she had a restraining order against. Her newly-installed CCTV captured it all. If she had lived in Pennsylvania, just a few minutes from her Berlin, NJ home, not only wouldn't have she WAITED that long, she'd have a CARRY PERMIT to at least try to defend herself against her murderer. We'll save that Unicorn story (carry permit in NJ) for another day...

    We tend to roll our eyes at the following clichés: A restraining order is just a piece of paper, and a right delayed, remains a right denied. Yet here we have, in practice, the negative effects indicated therein. Another body, another soul, stacked like cordwood on the altar of GUN CONTROL.

    What's a prospective gun owner to do? For those of you who are close to "the border" and are purchasing a long gun, we highly recommend going to PA as PICS is still running somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes - and yes, that's 100% legal, but only for long guns.

    But wait, there's more going on here. The NJ NICS Portal was listing their backlog online, you see that in the screenshot photo, and then for whatever reason they pulled the backlog announcement DOWN temporarily. As of Friday Aug 21 at 8:00 AM, what does the NJ NICS Portal show? That's right folks, shortly after the Star Ledger reached out to CNJFO to interview us about these delays, MIRACULOUSLY, the NJ NICS Portal no longer lists anything about a backlog! Hmmmm?

    Yesterday the number advisory splash page was reposted with "1,969" still waiting for approval processing, and the notice said they were still 4 days behind. Best analogy we can think of is trying to put out a house fire with a garden hose, and a KINKED one at that!

    So, did they add 11 new people overnight to clear the backlog? HARDLY! The backlog still exists, they've just (temporarily) maneuvered themselves so that YOU don't have proof of THEIR incompetence. Maybe it grew to over 2,000 and someone decided no one needed to KNOW THAT? Not that you needed proof - just look at the absurd lines and policies at DMV! Think anything is going to change? HARDLY.

    In the meantime, we wish you good luck, and pray that the home invaders don't knock between now and when YOUR "instant"? check is approved.


    CNJFO President Dan Grdovic brings up the facts & figures that can't be "massaged" into a pretty picture. Is that why The Star Ledger's original story on firearms transfers that our Theresa Inacker spent considerable time being interviewed on never saw ink? Is THAT why it "morphed" ("Murph-ed" for my Peeps) into the "nobody can find ammo on the shelf due to exploding demand overtaking an already ramped-up production story"?? In fact Grdovic's portrait of incompetency leads this Editor to ask THE question I've been asking as a gun owner for decades:

    With a broken-down system (NJ NICS Portal) as bad as it IS, and getting worse by the day, why do obvious gun collectors need to CLOG it? After 5, 10, 20 hand guns collected, the collector doesn't "need" the 21st to commit their crime spree, knock over a liquor store or rob a bank! So why in hell are we even bothering "KINKING the garden hose trying to put-out the house fire" with yet another needless, point-of-purchase "check" (with almost a business week backlog) at the gun counter (transfer point)?? All it does is MAKE THE FIRST TIME GUN BUYERS WAIT even MORE!

    Isn't it about time that NJ figured out that they can TRUST HONEST Gun Owners? Isn't the paper hand gun permit signed by the local Chief of Police enough for gun collectors? Why does NJ treat every gun owner like a criminal on a prison Chain Gang "asking permission to go potty"?

    ---The Editor

  • August 23, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Government Lockdowns Should be a Lesson for Gun Owners - The Truth About Guns


    by Black Wire Media Sun. Aug. 23, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Theresa Inacker, CNJFO Communications Director, draws much-needed attention to the vast governmental overreach being thrust upon both New Jersey residents AND gun owners in this amazing Op-Ed released just today on The Truth About Guns. With a link to CNJFO Vice President Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal's speech on "Incrementalism" given to the NJ Constitutional Republicans in January of last year, this powerful piece offers expert analysis and fires a WARNING SHOT over the bow of every gun owners' "ship" transiting the murky waters of NJ gun control. A MUST-READ if there ever was one, it highlights the intense HATRED the Murphy administration has for firearms and how the ultimate goal is civilian DISARMAMENT!

    CLICK HERE for the article....

  • August 21, 2020 2:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Image may contain: 1 person, closeup


    by Black Wire Media Fri. Aug. 21, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Our own Communications Director, Attorney Theresa Inacker, who has been admitted to practice law before the US Supreme Court, gets interviewed by The DC Project Delegate for Ohio, Amanda Suffecool, on Suffecool's syndicated Sunday evening radio talk show at the 28:05 mark, chatting for two full segments.

    Topics included ANJRPC's mag ban appeal to the 3rd Circuit, how all guns in NJ start out by being illegal with the burden of proof on the gun owner that they're legally in possession, and that limited exceptions are allowed. Inacker also brought up the ten SCOTUS Second Amendment cases that were all DENIED CERT, that three of them originated in NJ, and how CNJFO helped through "matching funds" campaigns to assist both ANJRPC's mag ban case as well as Mark Cheeseman's carry case #19-27.

    The lively & thoroughly educational interview took place a few days ago and also included NJ's "Justifiable Need" statute that allows practically NO ONE to carry a firearm outside their home or business, and the fact that the Heller decision took thirteen YEARS!

    "The Judiciary really is the FIREWALL that's supposed to protect us from the other branches' overreaching. I do hold them to a higher standard and expect the Judiciary to act as the firewall against intrusion and ANY violation against the Constitution." ---Theresa Inacker, CNJFO Communications Director and The DC Project's NJ Delegate

    The California Mag Ban (Duncan case) decision coming from the 9th Circuit Court was discussed at-length, with our staffer explaining how "strict scrutiny" was applied, and how that's a great thing. Suffecool brought up that magazines are protected under the 2nd Amendment and treated as ARMS and not merely accessories. Inacker also mentioned that the Rogers case in our 3rd Circuit (ANJRPC's Mag Ban case) might be "influenced" by Duncan, concurring with Suffecool that magazines are indeed protected due to the Heller decision, stating that standard capacity mags "are in COMMON USE" and how NJ fails to recognize the Heller decision!

    To listen to the full broadcast, visit Eye-On-The-Target Radio at:


    To learn more about CNJFO's constant battle for your 2A rights, please visit: www.cnjfo.com/news


    Theresa Inacker is a "security Mom", and owns all 3 popular firearm platforms, including "the most popular rifle in America", the AR-15. An avid pheasant hunter and clay target shooter, she fights for NJ gun owners eight days a week while being a single parent and working as an attorney full-time. As our Communications Director, Inacker keeps us on-message, and also represents us at women's shooting groups as well as public & private gatherings by appointment. A true Patriot, she leads a DC Project cadre of over 20 female members of her NJ DC Project group that she assembled.

  • August 21, 2020 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Image may contain: 7 people


    by Black Wire Media Fri. Aug. 21, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Tony Simon of The 2nd is for Everyone ran his first Diversity Shoot at Easton, PA's Heritage Guild range last night with the help of several Coalition members, supporters, and sponsors. CNJFO Shows & Community Outreach Committee member Nick Wong spoke to approx. 25 attendees about why it's important to stand up for your 2A rights and join groups like CNJFO. Wong, our lead instructor at the Diversity Shoots also brought his own firearms and was joined as an instructor by Simon, CNJFO sponsor Glenn Papp of Pew Pew Plates, supporter Brian Goldberg, member Angelo Yaccone, Life member Rhiannon Teng and sponsor Dan Ingram of NJ Concealment Furniture.

    8 shooting ports were utilized by the lively group for this history-making event as people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientation and backgrounds attended, making the educational outreach event fun & memorable. That's why Simon calls it a "Diversity Shoot", as ALL are welcome!

    "Thank you to the Heritage Guild for hosting last night's the 2nd is For Everyone: Diversity Shoot. Thank you to Hold My Guns and CNJFO for speaking at the event. Thank you SIG SAUER for your support of grassroots 2A advocacy. A huge thank you to all of the wonderful people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientation and backgrounds that attended and made the event great". --Tony Simon, The 2nd is for Everyone

    Sig Sauer Firearms had a representative at the Shoot as did Hold My Guns, a 501c3 Nonprofit 2A voluntary crisis firearms storage program, which will be available soon through partnering gun shops & FFLs according to their founder Sarah Joy Albrecht. For more info on Sarah's group, please visit: www.holdmyguns.org . To find out more about Simon's Diversity Shoots, go to: www.DiversityShoot.com .

    Remember to keep it in the 2A family be visiting www.pewpewplates.com for AR-500 steel. For the best quality concealment furniture available anywhere, and used by Bruce Willis, go to: www.njconceal.com .

  • August 21, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Image may contain: 1 person, text that says '4-YEAR-OLD GIRL SHOT IN NJ WHILE PLAYING OUTSIDE'


    by Black Wire Media Fri. Aug. 21, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    An Asbury Park, NJ four year old lays in the intensive care unit at Jersey Shore Medial Center following a needless gang shooting Tuesday in a relatively new housing area owned by the city. As detectives from the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office and the Asbury Park Police swarmed the housing complex looking for the responsible GANGBANGERS, NJ gun owners remain DISARMED when leaving their residence. Cause in Jersey, only cops and CRIMINALS with YELLOW SHEETS as long as your arm have guns on the street!

    Since Tuesday's gang violence, Police officials have taken one of the perps into custody, and identified Sciaire N. Jackson, 27, of Lakewood, NJ as the perp who's bullet struck the toddler. Mr. Jackson has a yellow sheet on NJ Dept. of Corrections (incarceration record), and is therefore automatically deemed to be a PROHIBITED PERSON --someone who can't legally touch firearms let alone CARRY them on the street!

    Since gangbangers don't care about laws, nary a second thought is ever given by them to breaking NJ gun law. Jackson faces up to 20 years of hard time for the attempted murder charge of shooting the 4 year old according to Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni. What remains to be seen is if a PLEA DEAL will be struck and all of the numerous gun charges get dropped, as often happens in these cases.

    The gun charges, all indictable offenses (FELONIES), ADD UP TO WELL OVER 10 YEARS by themselves!

    If a NJ gun owner chose to carry his/her legally purchased & permitted hand gun on their person, outside their home or business without the magic UNICORN --a NJ weapons carry permit issued to judges, celebs and retired cops ---they would be arrested on-the-spot and hung out to dry like Philly's Shaneen Allen was years ago.

    Allen was carrying her laminated CCW permit issued by Pennsylvania. (a PA. LTCF) and legally-purchased .380 loaded with hollow point bullets, in her purse when stopped for a mere traffic violation. She handed over her driver's license AND her LTCF issued by Pennsy. She didn't threaten or SHOOT ANYBODY and NJ cuffed her & stuffed her into the back of a NJSP patrol car. NJ Prosecutors wanted to put her away for 7.5 - 10 YEARS! An outraged 2A community mobilized to her defense. After spending 43 DAYS in Jail, NJ Governor Christie pardoned her. The state never returned her property, so gun manufacturer Bersa GIFTED Allen another .380 as the pardon cleared her record!


    It's easy for politicians to say they're "tough on guns", and the unknowing public is made to once again "FEEL-GOOD" with more stupid gun laws that only persecute the legal gun owner. It's long past time the reality check got cashed! It's time for NJ politicos to recognize that lawful carry can SAVE lives, and that gun laws should apply to the gangbangers, the ones RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SHOOTINGS! We therefore implore the Monmouth County Prosecutor to NOT PLAY LET'S MAKE A DEAL with this miscreant felon!

    ---The Editor

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    by Black Wire Media Fri. Aug. 21, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Gun owners both new & old are experiencing the obvious self-inflicted "shortage" in the ammunition supply chain created by, in some cases, a TEN-FOLD increase in the amount of NJ Firearms Purchaser ID card applicants all vying for the normal output produced by ammo manufacturers. This ten fold increase was reported weeks ago by Anthony Colandro on Gun For Hire Radio, so it comes as no surprise that someone clued-in NJ's "newspaper of record", The Star Ledger.

    Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners vice president David "Rosey" Rosenthal was quoted in today's story:

    "David Rosenthal, vice president of the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, said 9mm caliber rounds, which are widely popular, are “scarce.” He said if a gun store does have them, it will limit the amount of rounds a customer can buy. There is 10 times more people looking for the same amount of inventory that manufacturers routinely put out,” Rosenthal said.

    Several other New Jersey notables in the firearms community were quoted in todays story. They include Rick Friedman, owner of RTSP, Eric Rebels from County Line Firearms, Jack Faenza of Garden State Armory, and Tom Morris of Eagle Point Gun (an ammo distributor).

    Of course The Ledger had to ask an ANTI from the "NJ Gun Violence Research Center" what they thought, and their answer (we're paraphrasing) was we're all suffering from ANXIETY (oh dear)! Maybe we all just want to exercise our 2A rights to defend ourselves & our families? Surely this concept can't be foreign to such a noble member of the main stream media?

    We do have to give The Ledger its due as they did contact the New Jersey State Police Firearms Unit and wrote the following:

    "As of August 12, the New Jersey State Police has received nearly 130,000 firearm applications, topping the number of applications the agency received in 2018 and 2019 combined, according to State Police data. The number of applications this year has increased by more than 137% since last year— with more than 4 months left in 2020, according to the agency."

    For more details go to:



    Rosenthal wishes to thank our Communications Director Theresa Inacker, for initially handling the slew of questions the newspaper reporter asked about the NJ NICS portal, which was the original story prior to it morphing into its current, headline-grabbing, "The country is literally out of ammunition!" story to grab extra clicks.

    With close to half a century behind the trigger, Rosenthal, who was trained to shoot by his father Harold, a WW2 vet that landed at Anzio, Italy during one of the dirtiest amphibious operations of the war, remembers when 9mm ammo was just 8 CENTS a round. This video, provided for your entertainment, shows our VP engaging some AR-500 steel from 27 yards with his 1911 .45 ACP, a caliber that can still be found on SOME gun store shelves.

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