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by Black Wire Media Tues. Sept. 1, 2020

Sandy Muldoon wants a higher level of safety throughout her community of North Arlington, NJ, and so she gave a free half-day interactive seminar last Sunday. Entitled "Introduction to NJ Firearms Law, Safety and Home Defense", the class is designed for the public at-large, not gun owners in particular. Hosted by well-known businessman Master Allen DePena, owner of Zentai Martial Arts on Ridge Road in North Arlington, this was Muldoon's first such endeavor.

Not a stranger to public speaking, the single mom of 3 had prepared an extensive syllabus that covered lots of detail and put fears of the unknown to rest. Firearms law and how its vagueness can be misinterpreted by both new gun owners AND judges alike stunned the room. Jaws dropped and eyes were opened as brains digested what law-abiding firearms owners have to contend with in NJ.

The non-political approach Muldoon chose to teach with allowed guests to appreciate just how stupid "Feel-Good" NJ gun law IS without risking losing them by "going political". Firearms transportation was covered in-depth as Muldoon explained the NJ "Directly To & From" rule, how it always applies to hand guns, the exemption for long guns when you have a NJFPID card, and gave examples of allowable deviations of roadside emergencies, food and fuel stops, and picking up a passenger while enroute to the range.

In addition to a lecture format with simultaneous Q&A, Muldoon used 911 audio tapes to drive home the need for having a Safety PLAN and customizing it to your family's needs. The audience listened to actual 911 calls involving home invasions, a term that NJ law enforcement never uses since no one has yet "invented the category" for proper reporting. Some outcomes were more tragic than others, with armed homeowners able to defend themselves and unarmed families being brutalized at their captor's will.

Establishing a "family password" for unannounced visitations at Zero Dark Thirty by college age offspring can deescalate a defensive response by the rest of the family. Having layers of security starting with reinforced doors, alarms, cctv, dog(s) and Sam Colt's equalizer (a firearm) as a last resort in defense of a home invasion are all good things to have.

Muldoon herself was a victim of a home invasion decades ago, prior to her firearms ownership and training as a firearms instructor. A perp pushed their door in so hard, he bent it towards her and a family member. All Muldoon had then was a golf club to swing at the home invader. She connected a few times and luckily drove the perp away.

Audience members were glued to their seats and actively joined the Q&A. Immigrants Virginia Hernandez and Lujan Castro gave personal accounts of how firearms in their home countries were considered evil and never to be obtained for self protection since only criminals and Police had them. The pair also stated that the stigma surrounding firearm ownership continues to this day in the Hispanic community, with many North Arlington residents afraid to mention guns at all. This is a "thing" as Muldoon received nearly a dozen texts just prior to the class from over-cautious residents afraid to be seen in a public setting even talking about gun ownership.

David "Rosey" Rosenthal, CNJFO vice president, was invited to address the gathering. He outlined CNJFO's Second Amendment mission of education and awareness, and how the Coalition is very active defending the 2nd Amendment all the way up to the Supreme Court. A question from the audience was best answered with Rosenthal demonstrating how bad guys can be shot in the back as they're shooting backwards towards innocents returning fire. CNJFO donated swag, Second Amendment Foundation paperback books, D-Lead wipes, etc., which were all raffled as free door prizes for attending. Nobody left emptyhanded.

Rosenthal was part of a 2-person expert panel which also included Shari Spivack, Muldoon's co-founder of the Second Amendment Women Shooting Club - SAW, based at the Gun For Hire Woodland Park Range on McBride Ave. in Woodland Park. Muldoon bounced several questions to Rosenthal and Spivack, and the pair handled them all with Muldoon moderating. The audience loved the format.

Among many questions fielded by Rosenthal on legal technicalities was the story about the history (Newark riots) surrounding the decision by NJ legislators to declare WW2 M1 carbines ILLEGAL because several were stolen from the Plainfield, NJ plant where they were manufactured. An illegal house-to-house search was conducted in only minority neighborhoods and since none were found the rifle was deemed "illegal" by name. The law which was passed decades ago, still outright forbids ownership of a handy tool from WW2.

Spivack addressed the audience introducing them to the SAW group. Shari fielded a number of questions about female gun ownership, purchasing something that fits, and how everyone shares their firearms at a SAW Port Meet-Up, thus making each trip to the range more enjoyable and educational. The women's shooting club she and Muldoon co-founded is based at Gun For Hire's Woodland Park Range: .

Muldoon was elated to inform green card holding immigrants present that they too can apply for & receive firearm purchase permits. Spivack and Muldoon are petite in stature and spoke about "EVIL" adjustable stocks on the AR-15 platform and how inconvenient and stupid NJ gun law is regarding what most consider a likeable feature that actually enhances safety so shooters with short AND longer arms can get a proper fit with a single rifle. NJ law backfires, doubling-down on "the stupid" by causing families to purchase multiple copies of the same gun so everyone in the family gets a proper fit. So much for "getting guns off the streets", lol!

Sandy and Shari took NRA instructor classes together at Gun For Hire, becoming firearms instructors almost a decade ago when few women were becoming instructors (today that's not the case). They approached range owner Anthony Colandro to help start a women's shooting group, which he immediately did and SAW was born. To learn more about SAW, go to .

Muldoon and Rosenthal first met at the Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club's indoor range over 9 years ago. Rosenthal invited Sandy and daughter Molly, age 5, to take Molly's first shots on the .22 bolt action he bought to train his son with. A friendship blossomed, and Muldoon has attended several CNJFO fundraisers including pheasant and hog hunts with daughter Molly. To learn more about the Coalition and follow 2nd Amendment activism & news, please visit: .

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