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  • September 17, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    by Black Wire Media Tues. Sept. 17, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    It isn't every weekend you escape the Communist People's Republik of New Jerseystan by driving a RV to Free Amerikka to celebrate your one-year engagement with your bride-to-be. Last weekend was such a weekend for CNJFO sponsor and Savage Arms owner Derek Pitera and his Fiancé Madeline Tilly as they attended the famous New Hampshire "Live Free Or Die Shoot". "Maddy", the 28 year old nurse and future wife of "The Savage" himself, is seen here running her Fiancé's Rifle Dynamics FULL-AUTO AK during the Keene, NH Shoot. That's a FREEDOM SMILE! Readers can swing-by the Spotswood, NJ shop or visit www.savagecerakote.com 

  • September 15, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Op-Ed by E. Lee Ollivier for Black Wire Media Sunday Sept. 15, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    As mainly a hunter, I had been concerned with the future of hunting but not as aware as I should have been of the depth of efforts to protect the sport when it comes to 2A activism.

    Most all of us in the hunting community pride ourselves in our patriotism- there is no question about that. We hold each other accountable and to high standards of conduct.

    What is also important is that as the "GUNS ARE BAD" message is increasingly pushed in NJ schools and in the media, many POTENTIAL NEW HUNTERS will go without ever shooting a bow or a firearm. They are our lost allies!

    I am not talking just about kids, but also adults, people of any age. Not only men but also women. Pro 2a groups like CNJFO run shooting events and many of your local clubs also encourage and teach good sportsmanship, and promote safe and enjoyable shooting.

    If our hunting community's voices are reduced by over legislation of firearms, there will be less defenders of hunting rights and lands and our numbers will dwindle and things will keep spiraling down!

    There is a way to STOP the decline of hunting. We do this by saying "NO" to more senseless gun legislation aimed at the law-abiding gun owners like you & I. This is where groups like the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners come in really handy. They're the only 2A group in NJ that actually runs hunts and gets "2A activism" on display to us hunters.

    2A activism is what slows the tide. There are many who are devoting their time and personal resources to stop the rush of laws which could eventually stop you from taking a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend shooting or hunting. I say it inclusively to all as women are an emerging force in the firearm owners community. It's so great hearing a young lady tell her boyfriend SHE took to the range 'to just shoot at his own target and she knows what she's doing"!

    We need to realize that we all get a certain level of anxiety worrying about an unintended slip with transporting firearms etc. and running afoul of the law as we make our way to our hunting grounds. It can get worse. We don't need that stress in the morning, we need a coffee! Guess who fights ALL firearm transportation bills both at the state & federal level, including our hunting guns? That's right, 2nd Amendment activists!

    We need to speak well of each other and to each other. We are IN THIS TOGETHER!

    With more restrictive laws there will be less involved. Too much hassle. There will be less hunters and the anti hunting community will call all the shots. The new laws will easily flow- Hunting disallowed at preserves, increased distances to homes and roads etc. It can and is getting worse. So what do we Hunters DO?

    Casually make others aware that hunters are good people, people they can rely on, people who do the right thing. That's what can change minds.

    Below is some information related to the 2A struggle in NJ. Many thanks to those committing their selves to the effort:

    CNJFO keeps you informed about critical pending legal cases. These cases have the potential to affect you directly as far as what kinds of firearms you can keep, whether you can bring those firearms outside of your home, and more.

    For instance, there is a magazine ban challenge filed by ANJRPC, a carry outside the home case (Cheeseman), and a New York case, with the potential to impact New Jersey, in terms of transporting any firearms from your home to other places.

    Talk it up with your hunting buddies. Make your friends aware this hunting season, that the better informed we are as a group, the more power we will have.

    We’re all one team: no matter what your outdoor sport. Time is of the essence. As Hunter’s we have a VOICE. Let's USE IT!


    CNJFO member E. Lee Ollivier, a lifelong New Jersey resident, has been hunting for more than 30 years. He has hunted in both the United States and Canada. His extensive experience includes hunting small game and deer, wild boar and bear; using archery, black powder, rifle and shotgun. His harvests have put food on the table and mounts in his Man Cave. Ollivier has witnessed first-hand why all hunters need to be more 2A proactive. We hope you enjoy his Op-Ed as much as we did editing it. Archery Deer season started yesterday. Good hunting & good eating from all of us at CNJFO!

  • September 13, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Op-Ed by Nick Chiarchiaro for Black Wire Media Friday Sept. 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Dickens once said, and it was his first few words, “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times,” That is true then for that story in the "Tale of Two City’s" and what I am about to share with you as the tale of Two Countries.

    It was a bright sunny day over 18 years ago, early in the morning America was waking up to start their day. In the NY area, I am all sure we can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing – sadly some of us would like to really be able to forget for just a bit, brief moments of solace, where we are not constantly reminded of what we are so needing to be able to put away and forget at times.

    I was in my home office; my day was ramping up and I had been at it for over an our already. It was a beautiful morning overlooking the yard through the window when I could catch a glancing gaze away from the illuminating glow of the computer monitor, so much to do today, so better get to it.

    I was upstairs by myself getting ready as the day unfolded. No radio, no TV. All alone (or was I)? At around 8:55/56 in the morning I had been overcome with a desperate feeling of dread, dread so deep that my body shook and I had an overwhelming feeling of the need to call my mother at work. I dialed, fast busy. Hmmm, right number. Redial by hand, fast busy. Line is dead?

    Then the scream pierced the morning, my wife calling with sorrow in her voice from downstairs – a plane hit the trade center. I processed those words, a plane hit the trade center? My mind saw a little piper cub hitting the building and I thought to myself how can that be, maybe he passed out. She knew what I didn’t till I descended downstairs and saw the TV. Well the rest of THAT day is history as they say, and the months and years after it….

    Much of what transpired in the aftermath of that morning is as clear as the day is long, and sadly, I relive it most everyday as I trek to Manhattan for work. We all do it, I am not the Mayor of grief town and own it personally, many people were impacted that day, and we do what we need to do for our families, as much as we want to run far and run fast away from this city at times. Those many people, some I am sure were members of organizations, clubs, groups etc. – both alive and dead. The difference is the dead do not get to get insulted and hurt twice.

    In the immediate aftermath, there was deep anger towards the Islamic communities, especially when we saw "some people that did something", some of them were actually cheering – some people, we saw them on TV – we remember that too. See the Islamic terrorists perpetrated a hijacking with box cutters and a well-timed & planned attack and used some planes as smart bombs to kill a hell of a lot of people, to strike fear into a nation.

    The anger was deep – at times it still is. We were all told that you cannot judge an entire group of people by the actions of maniacs bent on mass murder by the media. Do not hold those innocent people responsible for the action of fringe elements, crazy people, sick people who have no regard for life. No regard for live and let live. Sick people.

    We have had a surge in mental health issues in this nation in the past 20 years, overmedication, no access to mental health services – the stigma placed on people who seek mental health services. We prescribe psychotropic drugs, mind altering ‘medications’ to manage people. We provide no true method to help those that are hurting. We fail those that are relentlessly bullied in schools, we fail those that are on the fringe and ostracize them for the fact that they are different. The vast majority by the grace of God get through the day without hurting themselves or others, but sadly we have had those that are bent on hurting themselves and as many others as they can so they can feel the pain that they feel, each moment of every day. Their sickness overtakes their sensibilities and they become violent.

    They lash out with hands, feet, knives, fuel, and sadly guns.

    Dickens also said right after his first few words in that tale, “ it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity”.

    Last week the intelligentsia at the San Francisco Board of Organizers thought it reasonable, the week before the anniversary of a real terrorist strike, to label members of the NRA as terrorists. As an NRA member I am disgusted to the core that the SF Board of Organizers would paint me as a terrorist the week before 9/11, if at all. Truly the epoch of incredulity!

    How in the name of all that is right, law abiding citizens of this nation can be labeled as terrorists, just because they belong to an organization? Well it is not hard to see how it can happen, truly the epoch of belief, as those same folks is San Francisco now call criminals ‘justice involved persons‘, yes you cannot make this up.

    As we take time this week and every day to look back on the horrific event that plagued this nation both on 9/11 and those terrible murders by criminals, we must place blame solely where it lies, with the actor performing the terrible act. As Ronald Reagan said, “We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

    Do I really care that some folks in San Francisco label me a terrorist because I am an NRA member? Not really! In order to be insulted I must first value their opinion of which I do not. But as I said earlier the living can get at least hurt twice, and those statements did at least hurt because I was relegated to a group of people that commit murder for political aims by doing violence and intimidation to the weak.

    Let us hope that going forward we can embark on a “spring of hope” and not a “winter of despair” in the coming months and years as a nation that can and should come together to heal itself. To live and let live, to allow people the freedom to seek the pursuit of happiness that this nation was founded on.

    In that spirit, I wish the liberal that knows not of what they speak, the anarchist that seeks to destroy this nation and especially the media. The media that which urged all Americans in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, to not judge all members of the Islamic organizations as terrorists and murderers by the actions of a few. Hoping for the spring of hope, that the media and others, will extend the very statements they used post 9/11, to not judge many for the actions of a few extend the very same thoughts to their fellow citizens, that are law abiding gun owners.

    We as citizens, we as patriots, we as fellow Americans – deserve better!


    Historian Nick Chiarchiaro's terrorism analogy with San Francisco calling NRA members "Terrorists" struck a nerve in all of us. HOW DARE THEY! Chiarchiaro is a NRA member, shooter, collector, mentor, father of two daughters, husband, and a host of other things. As a CNJFO member he volunteers to both write and teach for the Coalition. He's also a VICTIM with a 9/11 wound that will never completely heal. We brought you his Op-Ed today in hopes of making people THINK before they speak, and to join him in calling-out those that throw around incendiary speech like hand grenades. We hope our readers appreciate both the pain and his calling for healing in a world yet to be. ---The Editors

  • September 12, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Thursday Sept. 12, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Direct from the rescheduled NRA Board of Directors meeting being held this week at NRA HQ in Fairfax, VA, our 76th Director, Anthony Colandro of Gun For Hire fame, does an "Ant's Rant", a video from the heart of what's on his mind. Outlining the organized attack against the NRA, some of which is coming from their former public relations firm that they're now suing, Colandro extolls the need to STAY NRA PROUD, and to join the state NRA association (ANJRPC) as well as CNJFO! CNJFO has at least one committee member present in the meetings! To visit the new website with all the scoop on the legal entanglements, go to: www.nralegalfacts.org/ .

  • September 08, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Sunday Sept. 8, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Kerry Slone is a "take-no-prisoners, don't-have-time-for-BS" true feminist that puts herself OUT THERE! Slone has plans afoot for a 10-state speaking tour deep in Anti territory, with her sights set on NJ! Slone tells it like it is, and is on a mission to make gun purchasing a pleasant experience, especially for moms. Kerry says that if you win the mom over as far as gunz are concerned, more gunz get bought & more kids get taught to grow-up with firearms the way she did! Disarming VICTIMS, how common drugs showing up on a LIST may disqualify you from gun ownership, and a whole lot more on this, the 55th episode of Riding Shotgun With Charliehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohKWbRJZaG0

  • September 06, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Image may contain: possible text that says 'Hey Walmart, you can ban ammunition all you want. Now all anybody has to do to get ammo is go down the street to the Mom and Pop shops that you tried to put out of business in the first place. Congratulations, you played yourself.'


    by Melissa Deeney & Andrew Proctor for Black Wire Media Friday September 6, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    For years, local Mom & Pop shops have struggled against big name retailers. Customers flock to big box stores for everything from groceries, to construction needs, to firearm needs. In each case, the small shops that offered personalized customer service struggled more and more - then closed. People enjoy the inexpensive nature of the big stores, but what is the REAL cost?

    When it comes to your gun rights – the cost is nationwide unprecedented GUN CONTROL. After joining Kroger and banning open carry nationwide, Walmart decided to join Dick’s and have ceased to carry any product supporting our sport. Will this stop you from being a patron of their stores? Will your mom and pops still be around to save you? Everyone wants the cheapest price…and are willing to sacrifice the personalized service that we all have come to miss.

    Once your small stores are gone – who will handle your transfers? As panic, knee jerk laws and reactions change and big retailers stop selling your supplies – who will you run to for your firearm needs? Think about the BIG PICTURE here…

    Online retailers are already limiting shipments and specific products to NJ. People reply – “Can’t wait to move”. We hate to break it to you, but Walmart and Dicks are NATIONAL! Crippling the supply chains is gun control Subterfuge – and it is a national epidemic. It is why the laws need to be fought on their own turf, as they're proposed! Otherwise they will follow you wherever you go. It’s the mom & pop shops that share your passion, shoot & hunt beside you, and promote 2nd Amendment groups like CNJFO, not the big name chains that buckle to political pressure.

    We have said numerous times that people need to support small business – because when the “stuff” hits the fan – you know who really has your back!


    Melissa Deeney and Andrew Proctor are the Managing Partners of Legacy Indoor Range and Armory, LLC, a true "Mom & Pop Shop" and full SERVICE FFL in Cinnaminson, NJ. Deeney has taught several CNJFO members to shoot; both own all three popular firearm platforms, are pheasant hunters, target shooters and NRA Instructors and thus KNOW the questions you're going to ask before you ASK them. Intuitive, helpful, courteous, and cheerful CUSTOMER SERVICE. Andy is a Cerakote specialist. As proud sponsors of CNJFO since our humble beginnings, we're hoping you'll look them up at: https://legacyindoorrangeandarmory.com/ .

    btw: THEY SELL AMMO! :)

    ---the Editors

  • September 05, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Thursday Sept. 5, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    CNJFO knew escaping to Free America was only a temporary "fix" for the cancer that continues to grow. Unlike other "gun pages", we search for and provide you the insight you need to fully understand a situation. In part one of a series, Tucker Carlson lays out what has been happening and how we got to where we are with Walmart, the largest retailer in the country, making an anti-gun corporate decision. Carlson's Sit Rep cuts to the chase. For part 2 we've invited an outspoken Patriot and "Mom & Pop FFL" that owns a suburban gun shop in NJ to enlighten us even more. So digest this video as we await our second course together. ---The Editors

  • September 04, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Alex Gubenko, CNJFO Shows & Community Outreach Wednesday September 4, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Well, that's a load off. I guess there's nothing to worry about. Oh wait...there's more!

    Every day I see posts talking about how no one wants to take your guns, followed by a litany of laws that would do just that. Below is a post I saw shared by one of my Facebook friends. I don't know if the original poster of this meme was the author of it, but regardless, there's no need to give him any of the attention he clearly craves. ---Alex

    "WE WANT GUN SAFETY LAWS". "Gun safety laws don't take away your gun anymore than traffic safety laws take away your car."

    What?!? "Gun safety laws" like mandatory buybacks (confiscation,) bans on certain types of rifles, and magazine restrictions do exactly that. They take away your ability to own the gun that you own. That would be like saying banning all cars with engines that generate more than 300 horsepower isn't going to stop you from owning a Corvette. But at least this guy knows that gun ownership is a right, the ability to drive a car on public roads is a privilege. Oh, apparently he doesn't


    Correct, seat belt laws, speed limits, and restrictions on where you are allowed to drive certainly make driving safer. But what we do not do is assume everyone who owns a Corvette is going to break every law already on the books. Someone who owns an AR15 isn't the problem.

    "THE ONLY PEOPLE SAYING LIBERALS WANT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS IS THE NRA. I don't know how to tell you this, but the NRA does not speak for the Liberals".

    WRONG on so many counts! There are plenty of people saying that Liberals want to take our guns. Also, you do not speak for the Liberals and there are plenty of them who are NRA members.

    "If guns are completely harmless, would you leave one in your car on the front seat with the windows down? Why not? Could it possibly wind up in the wrong hands or something?"

    Who ever said guns were completely harmless? Yes, firearms can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. That is why any organization worth listening to espouses safety, training, and education. Take CNJFO for example!


    I'm sure this analysis will never get back to the original author, but if you truly believe in what you wrote, you need to educate yourself on the subject. If you wrote this knowing that this is nothing but propaganda, then maybe...



    Alex Gubenko was born under the thumb of totalitarianism in the Ukraine, where FREEDOM was a prohibited concept. His family emigrated when he was just 2. "My family took me out of a communist country and I refuse to sit idly by while people try to turn the US into that!" A naturalized US citizen and gun owner (funny how THAT seems to always be the case, isn't it?), Gubenko joined the Coalition years ago, and was quite active at Rallies & Protests for GUN RIGHTS. We hope you enjoy his analysis of this meme as much as we did. -----The Editors

  • September 03, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    At Black Wire Media our job is to bring you the DETAILS behind the firearms stories that everyone else merely scratches the surface of to get their NAME or MEME out there. Our staff isn't interested in bylines, selfies or "Hit & Run" posts for click counts. We're Mission First. The cause is first. No room for ego. That’s the difference between CNJFO's Black Wire Media and others. That's why only our Op-Eds have authors names published & deservedly so. You can TRUST that we'll bring you the most up-to-date info from around the state & around the country! CNJFO's Black Wire Media. Your daily source for firearms news & views in NJ!

  • September 03, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    By Black Wire Media Tues. September 3, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Breaking records AND glass ceilings is something Emily Cutts really enjoys. The static steel champion and NJ HS junior traveled to the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club's Cherry Ridge Range in Highland Lakes, NJ recently to volunteer as a shooting instructor, something she found she liked doing June 23rd for CNJFO's first-ever Youth Day at the Range! Dressed in her TandemKross team jersey, the sponsored shooter used her personal "Tandemized" firearms (in dad's name since she's "underage") to instruct new shooters in the safe & fun way to shoot. To learn more about Cutts, see our March 10th article: www.facebook.com/cnjfo/posts/1165669810279754?__tn__=K-R

    CLICK HERE for video!

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