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  • September 02, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Op-Ed by CNJFO Life Member Mark Levy for Black Wire Media Sunday September 2, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    FACT: The thing that Progressives fear the most is responsibility. The essence of owning and carrying a weapon is taking responsibility for one's own protection; this throws into question the whole belief system of BEING a progressive and their abdicating and giving that responsibility to their substitute parent: the state.

    Progressives are so afraid of everything and everyone in the world, but mostly they’re afraid of themselves and the decisions they’re forced to make, that they PROJECT that fear onto everyone else; with typical, personal, hateful invective. "Commonsense" firearms laws are anything but, and the hypocritical implication is that if you don't support them, you don't have "common sense". In reality those screeching loudly are the most lacking in it-completely unable to see the logical fallacy of their argument.

    Progressives believe that if even THEY can’t be trusted to act responsibly should they step even one itsy, bitsy, tippy-toe into the seductive penumbra of a firearm’s awesome allure, then *gasp*, what chance do the rest of us have in not going berserk in blind, murderous madness at the behest of our evil inanimate masters?

    Progressives dwell in perpetual self-doubt and self-loathing. Deeply ashamed of themselves and afraid of free will- they ridicule others, passive aggressively denigrate civil rights activists, and aim to restrict their Natural right to self-defense.
    There is no "interpretation" of natural rights-you either have them, or you don't.

    Every single day I thank God that these Progressives are unarmed, because their angry, brutal resentment of their fellow citizens makes them a very dangerous group-even though it's likely that a good majority of them couldn't pass a background check to begin with. Their deluded paranoia comes from a deeply rooted phobia of inadequacy, and delusion with reality.

    It’s not about crime. It’s not about safety. It’s not about firearms freedoms supporters and it’s not even really about the guns. It’s about progressives themselves: angry and aghast at their abandonment of their own personal responsibilities. So they will attempt to bully, intimidate, and lash out with shameless bigotry.


    Anti-gun individuals are not in fact "anti-gun", they are very much pro-gun, so long as the guns are in the hands of the "proper authorities". This means the police. Very pro-gun, they just want someone else to hold the guns for them. This is not only hypocritical, but immoral.

    "Expecting other people to risk their lives to save yours cannot be morally supported: if you believe it is reprehensible to posses the means and will to use lethal force to repel a criminal assault, how can you call upon another to do so for you? Because that is her job and we pay her to do it? Because your life is of incalculable value, but hers is only worth the $60,000 yearly salary we pay her? If your life is worth protecting, whose responsibility is it to protect it?"

    It is offensive and hypocritical to expect another human being to abdicate their safety to "the State"-when the State has absolutely no obligation whatsoever to protect you.

    "Reasonable" gun control is an oxymoron, relatable only to those who call for it-we've had more restrictions and made more concessions on firearms ownership and rights of self-defense over the course of the last 50 years than any other. The "public safety" implication is a ruse, only meant to garner support by the willfully ignorant, or blatantly untruthful: there are other rights which assuredly have "public safety" concerns: All of the constitutional provisions that impose restrictions on law enforcement and on the prosecution of crimes fall into the same category.

    The fictitious utopia promised by GunBigots is one which relies on "just one more" law, "just one more" restriction, and time and again we've seen the folly of that come to fruition-which is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    It's easy to pontificate about gun control from atop Mt Pious-deliberately ignoring reality, and in the case of those who have a vocal outlet to call for it, while also possessing the means to fund their own security-it is the height of arrogance.

    It continues to beg the question: Are Progressives stupid, or liars?


    Mark Levy is a well-known prolific writer on multiple Facebook "gun pages". His cut-thru-the-BS, hard-hitting thoughts that he wrote YEARS ago never rung more true than they do TODAY! This piece could have been written yesterday. It's that TIMELESS and as such is well worth reading & re-reading. We're honored to publish this Op-Ed and hope to hear more from Levy as the mood strikes him. We hope our readership feels the same and SHARES this Tommy-Gun --ASSAULT-WEAPON-- carrying then 13 year old's picture & Gun Control expose.

  • August 30, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    by Black Wire Media Friday August 30, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Illinois farmer Mary Schuster-Callison became the 2nd Amendment leader she is today because her sister almost died as a result of 17 stab wounds sustained in a mid-day HOME INVASION! Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the attempted murder, and this 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control founder & The DC Project representative for the state of Illinois relives the horror in a well-founded desire to encourage women to be armed everywhere they go, even in their own homes!

    Last month approx. 50 women descended upon Capitol Hill to pound on doors of their Congress people & Senators to promote the 2nd Amendment and women's rights to self-defense. Callison's sister (the Vic) made the trip to DC with her and the sisters told their tale of victimhood & survival to everyone that would listen!

    For more info on The DC Project visit https://www.agirlandagun.org/dc-project/

    Theresa Inacker, CNJFO's Communications Director, has been invited to represent the gun owners of New Jersey next July as a fellow DC Project door-pounding 2A evangelist. She'll join approx. 50 women from all 50 states doing the same. Inacker, who has years of experience on national broadcast television, was recently on Chris Cuomo's CNN Town Hall discussing firearms rights, with her question making that segment go viral. Here's the Twitchy story: https://twitchy.com/…/damn-this-is-good-firearm-advocate-t…/

    Mary Schuster-Callison recently took a ride in Charlie Cook's "stagecoach" for Riding Shotgun With Charlie episode #50 seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWQ_nJ-4eyo. Cook has "given rides" aka interviewed some of the nation's most outspoken 2nd Amendment leaders including NRA Board member Anthony Colandro (#3 and #25), Massad Ayoob (#45), www.DiversityShoot.com 's Tony Simon (#41) and CNJFO's David Rosenthal (Episode #49). These 1-hour relaxed interviews cover all things shooting related, and are available on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple podcasts, You Tube and most other popular platforms. CNJFO's networking with the Riding Shotgun With Charlie passengers has resulted in the sharing of this dramatic example of the need TO BE ARMED AT ALL TIMES! God Bless these crusading sisters in their unparalleled efforts in firearms EDUCATION & AWARENESS!

    ----The Editors

  • August 25, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    by Black Wire Media Sunday August 25, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Don't take that next step Charles S. Lehnert or you'll stand a good chance of gettin' your butt THROWN IN JAIL for "gun possession", evil "hollow point" bullets, and anything else the state of ridiculousness (New Jersey) can dream-up! Not to worry folks! For Chuck is a NRA Training Counselor & Firearms Instructor. He KNOWS to NOT take that next step! Others like Shaneen Allen did NOT know and got jacked-up for it. It's what "Feel-Good" legislation is all about...making the unaware public at-large "feel-good" as NJ turns LEGAL GUN OWNERS INTO FELONS! Stop the madness! JOIN us RIGHT NOW to FIGHT BACK! www.cnjfo.com/join-us

  • August 21, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    No photo description available.


    by Black Wire Media Wed. August 21, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Carrie Lightfoot, founder & CEO of The Well Armed Woman, a womens shooting & training group with chapters all over these United States, has encountered some apparently surprise / unwarranted abuse from both Instagram AND Facebook. Apparently it's cool to interfere with a national organization based upon true female empowerment that helps PREVENT RAPE and other criminal acts from being perpetrated upon women by teaching them basic & intermediate gun handling skills and encouraging local chapter meet-ups and competitions? As more info becomes available we'll update the story! ---The Editors

  • August 20, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Op-Ed by Theresa Inacker, CNJFO Communications Director Tuesday August 20, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Trust Women: Woman’s Right to Choose? The Startling Hypocrisy of Gun Control Bigots and a Woman’s Right to Bodily Autonomy.

    The left emphatically proclaims a woman has a right to bodily autonomy. This right has been declared fundamental by our Supreme Court. This means any attempts by government to restrict it, are subject to strict scrutiny— this is the highest level of constitutional review. Source ReproductiveRights.org.

    We are, of course, talking about woman’s right to choose an abortion. But what about her right to possess a firearm in defense of her own body?

    Isn’t a woman’s right to defend her own body, in the manner she chooses, free from government interference also a fundamental right?

    The bold and unavoidable irony is lost on vapid rights suppressors like Moms Demand Action, those politicians calling for more gun control, and others who support them.

    Or is it?

    In the article by Laurie Penny, published in the New Republic, “Criminalization of Women’s Bodies Is All About Conservative Male Power”, Penny argues that:

    “Part of what it means to acknowledge the humanity of women is to treat them as political agents, and not walking wombs with the inconvenient habit of moaning about their personal preferences and material needs. The anti-choice Republican feeding frenzy comes from a deep conservative greed for social control.” Source: http://bit.ly/30km8ZK

    The irony here is thick —greed for social control? A lack of acknowledgement of the value of a woman’s life and autonomy over her life? Criminalization of women’s bodies?

    This is exactly what left-leaning politicians and gun control advocates do to a woman when her right to self defense is denied.

    A pre-existing right, the right to keep and bear arms is explicitly written into the Constitution by Amendment II to restrain Government. Where is it explicitly written in the Constitution that a woman has a right to an abortion? It is not. Yet, rooted in the right to privacy, the Supreme Court has ruled that it is a fundamental right and that strict scrutiny must apply to any government attempts to regulate.

    Aren’t we as gun owners merely asking for the same respect? Are we denied because our politics are different? That is nothing less than poorly-disguised social control.

    Even after passing State of New Jersey and FBI NICS background checks, I would be charged with a felony and do mandatory jail time, if I were to carry and use a firearm in defense of my female body. THAT is tangible criminalization of female bodily autonomy. Liberal- leaning states like New Jersey lead the pack in suppressing women’s rights: in fact, one could rightly say, infringing her rights.

    By calling for more gun control (despite the fact that we have over 20,000 gun control laws on the books already) the left is minimizing the value of my life as a woman.

    In New Jersey, where less than a petty fraction a percent of firearms owners may obtain a carry permit, the liberal politicians have decided that my life is less valuable, that my life is subject to their personal interests, and fundamentally subject to the whims of governmental control. (Read more: “New Jersey with 8.983 Million Residents, Only Issued 496 Concealed Carry Permits”. http://bit.ly/3082znn)

    Ultimately, this is about mostly liberal male politicians, and those who follow them, considering themselves elitist; more valuable than a common woman such as myself. I am nothing but a serf, subject to the capricious whims of the master landlord. In their elitist minds, I deserve this suppression because my politics differ. This is Un-American.

    Resolution is long overdue. The Third Branch of Government, the Judiciary, should be the “firewall” that protects us from these relentless infringements. The Supreme Court of the United States needs to apply strict scrutiny and strike down these unduly burdensome restrictions on our ability to bear arms. Concepts such as Equal Protection, substantive and procedure due process are all interconnected with Second Amendment rights: these rights are ‘one body’ in a sense, and we must do everything to protect to it!


    Theresa Inacker, an attorney of 19 years, was recently admitted to the Bar of Supreme Court of the United States. A former Managing Editor of the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal, she is a Seton Hall Law School graduate. A true "Security Mom" to her daughter, Inacker is a proven 2nd Amendment advocate with a long standing record of achievement that includes several appearances on Fox News, and just a few days ago appeared on Chris Cuomo's CNN Town Hall. An avid gun owner, target shooter and bird hunter, Inacker owns & uses all three popular firearms platforms. As our Communications Director she's responsible for keeping us "on-message" and helps supervise our diverse volunteer writing staff.

  • August 19, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Eric Saperstein for Black Wire Media August 19, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    Mr. Potato head – aka "Military Grade"

    It’s time to focus on debunking the fixation that the misinformed have on a term known as “military grade” – or “milspec” to those with a basic 101 understanding of armed forces vocabulary. So let’s talk a little bit about Mr. Potato head, for you millennials this was a toy that existed before your time, a plastic doll shaped like a potato used to entertain varmints of its day by providing a platform to secure facial components to creatively develop a variety of characters and personas. Don’t get your social justice warrior panties all knotted, there was a Mrs. Potato head too.

    Anyway … here is how it worked. Any potato head figure could accept a variety of accessories to adorn its spudly shape with expressions and emotions. The parts from one toy could interchange with any other toy in the line. Your friend could have one variant, and you another and you could trade and share eyeballs and ears and lips. Any kid who played with Mr. Potato head has a basic understanding of military grade without even knowing it.

    Now let’s introduce some more adult topics – economies of scale, infinite scaling and distribution of manufacturing, multiple supplier sourcing, supply chain streamlining, parts interchangeability, maintenance and repair simplification. These principles are all the baseline of military specifications.

    The military will use one set and specific design for each required item. This design will use as many standardized (off the shelf) components as possible without jeopardizing the intended purpose. This design will allow an open source style blueprint so that any supplier or manufacturer who picks it up can provide a complete product or any combination of one or more components.

    Economies of scale presents that the more of an item that is in demand, the more suppliers will exist, and the balance will result in the lost cost per item possible. By sourcing Mr. Potato head to many manufactures we give the opportunity for competition, innovation, and market growth.
    Infinite scaling of manufacturing means that anyone with the tooling and skills to use it can produce a component or complete item. Mr. Potato head’s nose could be made by Mattel, the eyes by Fisher Price, feet by Hot Wheels. Why limit it to just toy makers? General motors could go ahead and make the body, and International Paper is producing the box.

    Ford, GM, and Chrysler are all capable of producing the same vehicle, or any component of a vehicle designed and graded for military issue. In times of war, all vehicle manufactures would engage in providing to the supply chain. From there their suppliers could each engage to produce any required component for the vehicles. This instantly scales up the manufacturing capability beyond the reach of any one manufacturer alone. When every kid in the world suddenly wants a Mr. Potato head because some marketing genius made it look cool in a commercial we can expect the demand to be fulfilled. In addition, it distributes the manufacturing to compensate for any one that may be destroyed by a bombing campaign and/or invading forces.

    Multiple supplier sourcing, simple, it allows for bidding. Request for proposals are issued and manufactures offer a bid response. Competition equals lower cost … remember military grade at the end of the bidding process goes to the LOW BIDDER! Let’s keep Mr. Potato head in reach of every kid for their birthday.

    Supply chain streamlining, when components can be utilized for multiple purposes the cost of supplying, storing, shipping, and utilizing parts decreases. This means the same alternator may be used in multiple variants of military grade vehicles for different intended purposes. Refer back to economies of scale, now this single component is in greater demand and as a result is cheaper to produce.

    Supply chain streamlining, its basic, the more you repeat a part the less variety of parts you need. Your supply chain has less items to track, store, ship, and train to install and maintain. Going right into parts interchangeability when the alternator can be quickly cannibalized from a broken down jeep and used to restore function to a truck, your ability to stay in the fight longer improves when you can quickly make repairs. Just for fun, I’m gonna note that Mr. and Mrs. and Jr. Potato head’s components all interchange. Too far of a digression? Not really, the concept is sound and a whole family of inbred looking potato people can emerge from your imagination.

    From here – ask yourself the following question: WTF does any of this have to do with how many people a military grade weapon can kill? The answer is absolutely NOTHING. The media has tricked you into believing that the term “military grade” or “milspec” is directly representative of machines that kill. Guns that by specification can kill more people than anything designed for the civilian market. The angry black rifles with scary shoulder things that go up and nasty jagged looking bird cages on the pointy end vs your grandad’s old double barrel fuddgun.

    If you’re not up to speed, not familiar with the business terms mentioned here? Sue your school board, sue your history teacher, economics teacher, and business teachers. Hold them accountable for failing you miserably and falsifying your education. Education, knowledge, is the foundation of a citizen’s ability to self-govern, and is the enemy of oppression. Flip your anger towards our nation’s media for outright lying to you through propaganda and agenda driven broadcasts. Personally, I’m demanding every member of the regressive liberal media present their colon with a Mr. Potato head suppository.


    Saperstein has a long history of pro-2A involvement, is a collector, hunter & shooter of every platform of firearm. He's also our Youth Day at the Range Committee Chair. And yes, he played with a Mr. Potato Head as a boy :) CNJFO is proud to bring you, our readers, thought-provoking facts that stimulate your brain and provide the educational resources that you need to "have the conversation" with those friends & relatives that CAN BE SAVED before the brainwashing is complete. Thanks for reading & commenting!
    ---The Editors

  • August 18, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor


    by Nick Chiarchiaro for Black Wire Media Sunday, August 18, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us An Op-Ed with a rich historical perspective

    What is military grade? What is so fearsome about the term that it has, by the actions of an irresponsible media, some people ‘shaking in their boots’ and politicians pontificating on things they know nothing about. Or more sadly, they know exactly what they are doing, spewing propaganda and inciting fear among the populace. Let’s take a journey to see if we can shed some honest to goodness light on the topic and get to the truth.

    It was the summer of 1775, it was a particularly hot summer in the counties of Orange, Fauquier and Culpeper in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Four company’s of 50 men, were raised to fight in the War of Independence. Men from farms, backcountry woodsmen, merchants and laborer’s – citizens of the commonwealth, normal people, not professional soldiers - forming the militia, Riflemen. People who eked out a life in the wilderness with the common tools at hand, of which one happened to be the rifle hanging above the doorway.

    They were dispatched to Hampton to assist in resisting an attempt by the British to land there and off load troops. British regulars, professional soldiers armed with in their mind’s, state of the art small arms, the Land Pattern Musket – a smooth bore weapon that was most useful when the ‘Lobster backs’ formed lines to create a volley & volume of unmatched fire. Little did they know that the Culpeper minutemen, citizens – the MILITIA, were armed with an equally state of the art weapon, a new but common weapon in the Americas, some from fine craftsmen in a place called Kutztown PA. The Pennsylvania rifle, the next iteration of the German Jaeger Rifle. A tool to tame the continent to put food on the table, to defend home and hearth and also for sport. A far superior weapon, the long rifle.

    A common weapon that allowed an individual to place aimed, accurate fire out to an effective range of just under 200 yards. The landing never took place – the British were under such an intense accurate fusillade, they retired from the field, their shorter-range musket was no match for the longer-range rifle.
    The common single shot rifle, in the hands of a common citizen, stopping an army, not a weapon of war – a tool. But nonetheless a military grade weapon by today’s silly definitions as it was used in combat.

    As we move forward in American history, we see common everyday tools and items, being used as weapons of war, military grade if we continue to use the corruptible media and politician’s definitions.

    The advancement through time we see the venerable and classic Winchester Lever action rifle become a military grade weapon, serving with the common citizen and the mounted cavalry. How many lever actions .30 Caliber rifles are there in the country?? Millions, of military grade weapons in military grade calibers.

    You might ask yourself, what are military grade calibers? Well for one, the most common hunting caliber in North America, .30-06 is the military round of .30 caliber of 1906 – yet another common military grade component of a weapon of war used for common sporting uses.

    When we got to Vietnam – there was a need for an accurate long-range interdiction weapon of war, beyond the Armalite rifle Model 16, with it’s diminutive .223/5.56 caliber round and short effective range. We needed to arm our snipers with this military grade weapon, and what fit the bill – the classic commercial grade Winchester Model 70 Bolt action rifle, in of course the .30-06 caliber, five shots. The rifle with an effective range of over 600 yards served with valor among the troops, as well as at home putting a lot of meat on the table across North America. As a point of reference, the Winchester Model 70 has been in continuous production since 1936 – million and millions of them were made and are now in the hands of – you guessed it, Riflemen.

    Remember those folks? The folks that used common tools as weapons of war, tools that weren’t black and scary looking. They were made of wood and steel, used for good lawful purposes for defense of home and hearth, putting food on the table and serving the country as a weapon of war.

    Today we see the narrative of disarmament, the attempt to define something that is in common use as a weapon of war because it looks scary. The politicians use tragedy perpetrated by evil people to suppress the rights of the common citizen that uses common tools to do all those things that the same tools have done for generations. Defend home and hearth, put food on the table and for sporting uses.

    We cannot control the evil in men’s souls, evil men will perform evil deeds with any manner of tool that is at hand – military grade, or whatever silly definition we give it or not. As a nation we need to get to the root of evil in our nation, the root of what drives men to do evil things to their fellow man, not suppress rights of the common man or ban common in use tools used invariably time and again for lawful purposes.

    We need to stop attempting to define something as a military grade weapon of war, whereas, anything can be defined as a weapon of war, if it can be used in a combat role.

    LT Col Jeff Cooper once said, “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.”

    The advancement of the notion that suppression of the right of the people to keep and bear arms is something that politicians should embark on, is folly. Those that would seek to corrupt our Republic and limiting our rights, the rights of law-abiding citizens, for the acts of madmen should take note.

    Lest they forget, that in 1775 Riflemen using common tools stopped a world power in its tracks. Lest they forget that black scary looking rifles that they are attempting to define as a weapon of war and military grade, are but a mere drop in the bucket of common use arms. The evil black rifle numbers are comparatively small, when counted against the other, as to what can be defined as weapons of war in the hands of millions upon millions of Riflemen – should they be called to duty in defense of home and hearth, as well as the Republic and ALL the rights enshrined therein.

    The tools and definitions may change, what they look like and how they are interpreted, but the mindset of freedom remains in the citizens, that will use whatever tool, no matter how defined to defend home and hearth as well as the Republic.

    “A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves…and include, according to the past and general usage of the states, all men capable of bearing arms… "To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them." - Richard Henry Lee, Federal Farmer No. 18, January 25, 1788.


    Nick Chiachiaro is a Patriot, husband, father of two daughters, target shooter & collector, armorer, firearms historian, shooting mentor & one of CNJFO volunteer instructors on staff. He's appeared at Gun For Hire Range for Tony Simon's Diversity Shoot, and donated his own .30 caliber ammo to feed the "WEAPONS OF WAR" he played "Show & Shoot" with. He's also on our Communications Committee staff of Writers, and has produced several thought-provoking pieces for us, using his wealth of historical knowledge. We hope you our readers enjoy learning the real history & mindset of the Founders of this great Nation as much as we do.

  • August 15, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Op-Ed By Matthew Andras for Black Wire Media Thursday August 15, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us 

    The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven in this case. New York City has violated its citizens' constitutional rights for far too long, and now that they are at risk of getting spanked, they (NYC) tried to change their laws AFTER CERT WAS ALREADY GRANTED (the Court has already agreed to hear the case) in an attempt to declare the case "moot." The Supreme Court has told them not to do that as a response, but being NY, they are doing everything they can to not be ruled against. NOW, here is where the hypocrisy comes in. Several senators have filed a brief, basically threatening the sitting US Supreme Court Justices not to rule in the plaintiffs' (NY State Rifle & Pistol Association--the state NRA affiliate) favor, because it will PREVENT other cites and states from passing or holding onto similar laws that violate citizens rights, and they simply just can't have that! So this amicus brief just filed threatens SCOTUS with restructuring that will "pack the Court" with as many as 15 Justices even though Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg already said that "9 seems to be the right number". That takes real CHUTZPAH! Separation of powers? Not here folks! The blatant GALL exhibited by these political hacks, in saying that "the Court needs to HEAL" when on the verge of ruling in favor of a NYC resident being allowed to transport their legally purchased personal property outside of the five boroughs of NYC, to say a second home upstate, or a range or gunsmith outside the city OR THE STATE of NY, is to say the least, APALLING!

  • August 14, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    by Black Wire Media Wed. August 14, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    In an Op-Ed posted two days ago, NJ101.5 Radio Host Steve Trevelise commented on how a well-run Youth League run by the Franklin Rifle & Revolver Club, is training kids 12 & up how to shoot. We commend Trevelise for his fairness & his viewpoint! We know of several youth in NJ that have gotten a great education at such club matches and have taken their acquired skills and became sponsored youth shooters on the national stage! And yes this happens in NJ! Shooting is a normal activity, and as such it gets a terrible rap from the Anti's, which is a damn shame! We ran a Youth Day Shoot at Union Hill Gun Club in June. Taught 20 kids how to shoot, many took their first shots with us! We are planning more Youth Days at the Range. Because EDUCATION DEFEATS FEAR!

    CLICK HERE for the original article!

  • August 13, 2019 2:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Black Wire Media Tuesday August 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

    35 shooters donned their souvenir t-shirts August 11th (last Sunday) for our summerImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, outdoor, nature and water fundraiser as the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners hit the finely manicured Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays course built on the grounds of an abandoned limestone quarry. Proceeds from the 100-clay pigeon, 17-station event are earmarked to offset expenses incurred submitting TWO amicus briefs to SCOTUS in the last six months! For some it was their first time shooting sporting clays (Mentors were assigned as squad "captains" to assist where needed) and for others shooting at Lehigh Valley is a thrill every time.

    Image may contain: 2 people, including Jay Factor, people smiling, people standing

    US Supreme Court petitioner & well-known 2nd Amendment advocate Mark Cheeseman, together with historian and NJ "Justifiable Need" gun law expert Jay Factor joined us for our most well attended clays tournament to date. Our souvenir t-shirts emblazoned with, "CHEESEMAN & FACTOR, 5 BLACK ROBES TO NJ CARRY" were custom printed in their honor and feature the famous 7-color Lehigh Sporting Clays ducks & orange clays logo on back (yes we have a few extras).

    Cheeseman's case centers on the illegal application of "rules" that were merely "dreamed-up" and never actually made a part of law, and thus have been the scheme for not granting weapons carry forced upon the gun owners and residents of NJ for over a half-century. Our second amicus brief provides the highest Court in the land the facts & history behind this illegal scheme that goes on to this day! The case will come up for conference (SCOTUS looks at it & decides IF they wish to HEAR it) in October.

    FImage may contain: textestivities also included an awards ceremony with CNJFO President Matt Andras presenting our highest award, the Patriot Pin, to Mark Cheeseman, Jay Factor, life member Rhiannon Teng, and Carmen Urso. This prestigious award cannot be bought, it must be earned through selfless dedication to the 2nd Amendment and the Coalition in particular. Two other Patriot Pin award recipients, Jon MacMillan and Gerard Arose were registered to attend our clays tourney but couldn't make it, so we will seek them out to award them in-person.

    A continental breakfast was served during registration, and everyone was thrilled to receive their Gun For Hire sling "Goody Bag" prior to Jay Factor explaining some of the history that brought us to this moment. A RSO Safety Brief followed immediately before the squads were dispatched for the tournament and a BBQ lunch featuring hamburgers, pulled pork bbq, potato salad, soft drinks, chips & fixins' was served as we asked Mark Cheeseman to address the gathering. Cheeseman thanked everyone there and all of the Coalition membership for their unwavering support of the Second Amendment and his case in particular. Both men gladly wore their new tees and posed next to our new stand-up banners, with signs that read, "5 Black Robes To NJ Carry" and "I am The Coalition".

    As lunch ensued we announced Justin Perkins as winning the tournament with a score of 92 x 100 and awarded him a $100 cash prize! We then held a prize raffle featuring a 17-month membership at USANA-MTC Range in Elmer, NJ and a 6-month membership to Bob's Little Sport Shop Range in Glassboro, NJ. Hats & swag from Henry Repeating Arms, a $125 certificate towards a Cerakote job on a pistol slide from Savage Cerakote (SC Arms) in Spotswood, NJ, AR-15 build parts & mags from Mission First Tactical in Horsham, PA, Gun For Hire sling Goody Bags from NRA Board member Anthony Colandro, Bullet Branch Cigar sampler w/ lighter, NRA-ILA soda can cozies, travel mugs from NJ Concealment Furniture, 12 ga. ammo, CNJFO wearables and (2) FREE rounds of sporting clays donated by Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays!

    Like what we're doing and wish to support our efforts from anywhere in the USA? Please JOIN or EXTEND your membership by going to:www.cnjfo.com/join-us or consider a planned monthly tax-deductible gift atwww.cnjfo.com/Donate or purchase a wearable at: www.cnjfo.com/Store (all donations are tax-deductible).

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