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June 09, 2020 11:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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by Black Wire Media Tues. June 9, 2020

CNJFO member Jean Meeker is a security mom. She not only witnessed the recent rioting and destruction in NJ's famed Atlantic City resort, she helped her church group clean it up. A gun owner for 7 years, Meeker saw a need to empower other females and has been helping women train to use firearms for 2 years now. She started with her 2 daughters, both now in their 20's, when her oldest daughter started learning how to shoot from the daughter's ex-boyfriend, a hunter. Meeker made sure her kids learned how to load & safely operate her hand guns, and when & how to use them if the need arose.

"With all this talk about defunding the police or getting rid of police. With riots hitting close to home. I want to say that I will not be a victim. #NotMe . Any girlfriend of mine who wants to learn more about firearms (owning and/or shooting) give me a call or message me. I’ll help you through the process." ---Jean Meeker, CNJFO member & NJ DC Project volunteer

Meeker, a NRA member, is a member of The DC Project, a non-partisan group invented by its founder Dianna Mueller, to lobby US Congress people and Senators to halt gun control measures on the national level. Mueller testified at the latest "assault weapons" ban hearing in DC, making national news with "I WILL NOT COMPLY!" testimony. Their motto, "Education, NOT Legislation", emblazoned on their official teal uniform t-shirts, counters the red-shirted "Karens" from Moms Demand Action "looking to speak to a manager" to promote senseless GUN CONTROL! These same measures that make ignorant legislators "feel good" on the surface (and provide "cover" but don't stop ANY crime) and often MAKE MORE VICTIMS!

Jean currently volunteers with CNJFO's Theresa Inacker as a member of the NJ DC Project group that Inacker leads as the NJ State Director and Delegate. The NJ group is tasked with visits to NJ legislators at their offices to inform them that gun rights are women's rights, NJ needs firearm carry rights restored, and women use firearms in self defense to protect their families instead of becoming victims.

These intimate educational meetings often entail personal horror stories of blatant abuse, victimization, attempted rape, the Carol Bowne homicide, and other examples of why gun rights and CARRY need restored. They bring a powerful personal message to NJ legislators in a way that sound bites simply can't. Often the legislators are stunned with mouths open in awe of these strong, independent women! One of a cadre of over 20 women volunteers throughout the state of NJ, the former Middlesex Co. resident now calls Atlantic Co. her home of 27 years.

"In the years I'm involved in shooting I've slowly seen our rights being taken away without evidence that any of the laws would legitimately change any mortality/crime rate. I also did not see our conservative political representatives stand up for these rights and felt the need to start saying something. When friends of mine started attending local town and county committee meetings, I did too, in order to voice our desire to have our representatives make a stand that they too support the Second Amendment and that they would not support any more restrictions on law abiding gun owners. They know the law abiding gun owners are not the problem." ---Jean Meeker, CNJFO member & NJ DC Project volunteer

Black Wire Media asked Meeker what role does she see herself doing to get new gun owners comfortable behind the trigger.

Meeker stated, "I think the first thing in getting a person comfortable is letting them see that I AM (their friend, their relative, their church member) a gun owner. I am not the typical stereotype of what people think gun owners look like. Since they know me personally they agree to go to the range with me and they don’t feel intimidated. In fact, one woman who I am taking later this month has a husband who is a retired LEO but reached out to me to help her. I think once that initial fear is broached by me being there with them the first time then I can hand them off to be professionally trained by an NRA certified person. Even going with them so they won’t be alone throughout".

Reached for comment earlier today, Theresa Inacker, CNJFO's Communications Director & The DC Project's NJ State Director and Delegate had this to say:

"Jean is one of the twenty dynamic women who have volunteered to participate in the DC Project on the state level. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and skill with other women new to the shooting sports. The gun permitting scheme here in New Jersey is so convoluted and difficult to navigate—luckily, women like Jean are here to assist." ---Theresa Inacker, The DC Project

Prior to Covid-19 crippling the Constitution's 2nd Amendment with ILLEGAL range closures, Meeker is an active member at the Atlantic County Firearms Training Facility in Egg Harbor Twp. They have a popular ladies group that she belongs to there. Jean gets around and can be spotted at Full Metal Jacket in Seaville, Range 129 in Absecon and Shooters in Tuckerton. If you spot this #2AHeavyLifter wearing her "Education NOT Legislation" teal DC Project tee, be sure to strike up a conversation!

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