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October 12, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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by Black Wire Media Mon. Oct. 12, 2020

Holly Sullivan, President of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League and Connecticut Delegate & Northeast Regional Director of The DC Project, met with CNJFO Vice President Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal several times last weekend to discuss governmental overreach and harassment of gun owners. The casual conversations about mutually-shared problems both 2A leaders face, and the needless "Feel-Good" UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws gun owners from Federal 2nd & 3rd Circuit Court states suffer with, led to an open dialogue resulting in a recognized need to share ideas. The networking took place at the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival at Tommy Gun Warehouse (Kahr Arms) in Geeley, PA. this past weekend.

"I’ve spent the last few days at Kahr Arms HQ and the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of spending the last two days in numerous dialogues with Rosey of the Coalition of New Jersey Firearms Owners CNJFO talking about some of the shared issues between our states. Looking forward to continuing to expand discussions with our neighbors and colleagues on how we can continue to help one another and all move our missions forward." ---Holly Sullivan, CCDL President

With foul weather approaching, a cold Holly Sullivan was gifted a Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners hoodie after Rosenthal was made aware (by Charlie Cook of Riding Shotgun With Charlie) of a group text to fellow #2AHeavyLifters attending the Rod of Iron. Sullivan, warming-up in her new outerwear, took a selfie with Rosenthal and posted it to the CCDL Facebook page, which resulted in a discussion by CCDL members about how bad Jersey gun laws are. Holly had this to say to her CCDL membership:

"That’s the amazing thing about these discussions. There are areas where they (New Jersey--Ed.) are far harsher and areas where we are. There is SO much work to be done in bringing state level 2a groups together. We could be so much stronger, and have profoundly more impact in circuit districts, if we had more real time communication. I’m committed to doing my part in that."---Holly Sullivan, CCDL President

CNJFO is New Jersey's 2A powerhouse. The only 2nd Amendment NJ-based group in attendance, the Coalition realizes the significance of networking with fellow #2AHeavyLifters for the greater good of all gun owners. That's why we were there representing YOU! We also wish to welcome all of our new members that signed-up at the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival, and thank everyone that bought swag items or donated to us. Look for more coverage of the Freedom Festival later today!

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