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August 11, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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by Dan Grdovic for Black Wire Media Tues. Aug 11, 2020

Good morning New Gun Owner! Welcome to the Party!

Are you WOKE to the crap that our politicians are trying to pull? How is it that they're blaming you (and me), people who follow the law, for the acts of criminals, crooks, thieves, assailants, etc?

Do you think I am kidding?

"Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) [Chicago] rejected calls for federal HOPE response [The National Guard] to the looting and violence overnight in Chicago, opting instead to push for more gun control. Lightfoot called for “common sense gun control,” saying, “We cannot continue to have circumstances where anybody and their brother can go across the border, or into other parts of Illinois, and bring illegal guns into the city of Chicago."…/mayor-lightfoot-we-dont-need-f…/

Who do you think will be impacted by the Mayor's call for "common sense gun control"? Do you think that will be criminals? I am sure that they've just done what all you new gun owners in NJ have done, submitted to background checks, obtained your firearms ID cards, waited for your pistol permits, made sure that there were more than 30 days since your last purchase, and then waited anywhere from 5-7 days for your National "INSTANT" Crime Check to be run through NJ's NICS Portal, just to take possession of your firearm. RIGHT.

YOUR RIGHTS DON'T MATTER! So get over yourselves already! You're just another concerned individual looking to protect themselves and their family. Salt of the Earth. Too busy to PROTEST, too busy to WRITE your legislators, too busy to make waves. Well, that SH*T has to STOP! Here's your Memo: GET BUSY, or that Firearms ID Card will become rough toilet tissue! The Supreme Court is USELESS! This fight is PERSONAL! It's all up to YOU the Readers! Are YOU "WOKE"?

YOUR RIGHTS are under assault, not by masks or Covid, but by the same old, same old, despite no indications of any additional laws doing anything to 'reduce crime' or 'discourage future illegal activity'. It would be the length of a phonebook to discuss WHY criminals are not concerned about being caught with an illegal firearm, but suffice it to say, they're not worried about it. Therefore, the only individuals affected by additional gun laws is the legal gun owner. YOU, me and our friends & relatives!

Get it through your head, you've been targeted. You're on a list, and they're out to get you. And you're not paranoid if they REALLY ARE out to get you.

And before you discount it all and say "Aw heck, that's CHICAGO, not NJ" - realize that every gun control idea originates somewhere. The federal assault weapons ban (AWB), which is no longer in effect was modeled on NJ's own AWB that Gov. Florio signed into law. NJ's "One Gun A Month" came from VA, and CA just put forth a law to categorize "not a" weapons (ala "OTHER" from Troy, etc) as Assault Weapons, basically banning them. Also, other states, when instituting such onerous measures tend to grandfather existing uses, but not in NJ, our legislators just declare our legally bought equipment as now illegal -- BOOM! 3.5 - 7 YEARS IN JAIL for that which you previously bought legally.

Then, on top of all that, ask yourself -- why is what this nationally known Mayor said only being reported by a conservative news website?


Dan Grdovic is CNJFO's President. He's also a founding Trustee, and has served continuously on several committees since our inception. From time-to-time he sounds-off on his favorite subject to hate -- NJ gun law. The STUPID (gun laws), it HURTS! Today he's reminding newly permitted gun owners that with gun ownership comes a "DUES" that needs PAID, as there's PLENTY of work to do! Join ANY local 2A group and #DoSomething to HELP while you still CAN! Thanks from all of us!

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