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January 31, 2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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by David Rosenthal, Editor in-Chief of Black Wire Media
Friday Jan. 31, 2020

New Jersey's Superior Court Judges have an "easy out" that lifts the burden of decision making and enables them to point to a decades-old rule established through the misapplication of good intentions: our "Justifiable Need" statute that DENIES citizens of their right to carry a firearm for self-protection! WAIT...What? Superior Court? Isn't that for CRIMINAL trials? What are law-abiding gun owners doing THERE in the first place? Go to to find out and come back HERE! Read-on...

NJ's system of "AUTO-DENIAL" (think auto-responder emails) of firearms carry rights is racist in nature and was created to ensure that only the "right people" get a gun permit to carry. After being denied is when the real money gets spent. Ask guys like Mark Cheeseman & Jay Factor. Mark's U.S. Supreme Court case #19-27 is still ON-HOLD! CNJFO held a "matching funds campaign" a while back that netted over $11,000 thus far for his case. His case is unique in that he can't be "bought-off" with a permit, thus "mooting" the case. Absolutely BRILLIANT in design, CNJFO did submit an amicus brief on its' behalf! We're the ONLY 2A organization that did!

Only the rich & powerful get their carry applications approved. John Q. Public, the man or woman stopping for milk on the way home, the segment of the population most affected by crime, the very people that NEED a defensive firearm the most, and can't afford the legal battle to obtain their RIGHTS under the US Constitution, only those "serfs" are denied! You got a problem with that? You should! Everyone, regardless of socio-economic condition deserves to live. Mansion owners AND the middle & lower classes. Gun control's racist roots are exposed every day. A casual glace at reality is all it takes. Smoke & mirrors aren't required...

Over the last half-century, NJ's scourge of "Justifiable Need" has morphed into an abomination, an out-of-control---and thanks to the Heller decision in 2008--now UNCONSTITUTIONAL law that still uses "case-by-case determination" to decide who gets a firearms carry permit and who DOESN'T. Put bluntly, NJ doesn't give a SH!T about Heller, about the Constitution, about the First Amendment, about the Second Amendment or about US, the law-abiding, gun-owning serfs! Heaven forbid a pizza delivery person blows away a Perp with a yellow sheet (arrest record) as long as your arm!

"What makes guns so special? We vote on things we know nothing about all the time!"---NJ State Senator Loretta Weinberg

As bodies stack-up like cordwood every weekend in Chicago, instead of learning what NOT to do, NJ's politicians "double-down" digging their heads even deeper into quicksand. The more gun control they push, the more victims they create. ---David Rosenthal

It's mind-boggling how easy the disenfranchised lower class was convinced that inanimate objects (firearms) are "bad" instead of the PERPS, the CREEPS, the Gang-Bangers in the Hood. Cities like Newark & Camden get to maintain the status-quo by keeping gun-grabbers in office in a self-fulfilling prophecy of dependence on government to solve all our problems. How come I don't have the right to decide to FIGHT BACK? Follow the MONEY!

Speaking of money, our Governor & Attorney General, hell-bent on disarming the law-abiding in scheme after scheme, just announced last Wednesday NJ is spending another $20 MILLION of our tax dollars on "gun violence". Meanwhile women like 39 year old Carol Bowne lay in graveyards due to the application of GUN CONTROL, a broken firearms permitting system that takes months instead of minutes (my son's Pennsy license to carry firearms was a 5 minute NICS check!) and NJ's "JUSTIFIABLE NEED"!

New Jersey politicos are so smart their stupid, or they treat us like WE ARE! They constantly need reminded that the U.S. Constitution EXISTS! There's even a guy running for Governor that told me to my face AT A GUN CLUB MEETING attended by hundreds, "a gun owner should be at least 40 years of age with 10 YEARS of firearms experience PRIOR to applying for a firearms carry permit in NJ". I guess domestic violence victims like Berlin, NJ's Carol Bowne are just "S.O.L." (Sh*t Outta Luck)!

The best-kept secret in NJ's 2nd Amendment community is CNJFO's sister (trademarked) website, . We printed tee shirts to make a huge splash a few years back. Featuring our "Charlie-the-Perp" on the front stating, "Criminals Carry Guns Every Day!" and on the reverse " Why are You DENIED?", the tees were manufactured in gray and safety green to draw attention. Membership Committee Co-Chair Jaime Rivera is seen here wearing his on the dance floor of a family function.

Too "IN YOUR FACE" for NJ's closeted gun owners, they received wide smiles & lots of accolades but dismal sales. They're still available in limited quantities---a true Coalition collector's item of sorts! Our "Charlie-the-Perp" paper shooting targets are still quite popular and can also be found at our online store: .

#DoingSomething to help us is as easy as supporting CNJFO through annual memberships, a purchase at our online store, a tax-deductible donation or volunteering some time & talent. You needn't be in NJ to help fight the cancer of INCREMENTALISM! What happens in Jersey doesn't STAY in NJ! One glance at Virginia will tell the tale. So HOW will YOU do YOUR PART? For more articles & info, visit


Rosenthal hardly ever puts his name to anything he writes. Instead of diluting the limelight, he prefers that the subject at-hand receive all the attention. His firearms background with 48 years "behind the trigger" is as extensive as it is varied. The country's first NRA Double Distinguished Expert in black powder shooting, Rosenthal is also an IDPA & USPSA action shooter, pheasant & hog hunter, sporting clays aficionado, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Instructor, Mentor, and "Shootist".

With over a quarter century of experience teaching safe firearms handling & operation to NJ youth, Rosenthal has volunteered to Scout Troops teaching BSA shotgun & rifle merit badges and has run "Black Powder Rifle Stations" at several Scout Camps throughout NJ. When he's not pouring EXPLOSIVES, chairing a Coalition fundraiser or creating HAVOC with his opinions, he writes & edits for CNJFO's Black Wire Media on all topics firearms related. His articles on Lacey Twp., NJ Board of Education's denial of students firearms rights has reached millions. His story of a disabled combat Marine Vet's 30-round standard capacity mags brought to light abuses in NJ's Red Flag firearms seizure & divorce law. We hope you enjoy his poignant style.

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