Black Bag Resources - Bug-out Bag Class

  • February 26, 2017
  • Range 14, Ft Dix, NJ

Do you have an emergency plan? Is your home ready? What if you had to leave right now? What do you need? Do you have the knowledge and skills to survive?

Join us on February 26th at Range 14 for an in depth look into developing your own emergency plan, evacuation route, and kit- commonly known as a Bug Out Bag.

Learn how to most effectively and efficiently provide for yourself and your family should you need to leave your home during a crisis.

This course is based on real experiences, carefully selected equipment, and the truth about what specific things YOU will need. There's no prefabricated kit, no bogus list, no Mad Max fantasy, and no bullshit! We cover the how and why for every element of your kit and teach you how to set yourself up for success.

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Sean Fisher, President of Black Bag Resources, a mom & pop Outfitter specializing in Bug-Out Bags, flashlights, hard to find AR acc's, edged weapons, trauma kits, firearms handling / safety training & tons of Survival Gear, announced yesterday that his company has partnered with CNJFO and other pro-gun non-profits to BUY YOU A MEMBERSHIP.

Here's the deal:
I will give you $50 off EVERY class offered on for joining (or renewing your membership) the Coalition of New Jersey Firearms Owners or Second Amendment Women 
if you train at Union's UTA or with Justifiable Force
if you make a $100 purchase from Self Rescuing Damsel.
(You must be a dues paying member, not just a follower on their Facebook page!)

"It's that simple. I want you to to be active in these groups, train with these people, and protect yourself, AND I'm willing to come out of my own pocket to convince you to do it."

TO GET A FREE CNJFO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP w/ T-Shirt simply register online at: to activate your $50 savings code. Then register for BBR's 2-26-17 Bug-Out Bag Class at , or any other class, and receive a $50 discount. It's THAT simple! $50 Coupon Code is GOOD FOR RENEWALS too, so renew NOW to extend your CNJFO membership for a full year past your current expiration date! 

Don't just survive. Thrive!

Register at Black Bag Resources

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