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September 13, 2020 6:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


by John Petrolino for Black Wire Media Sun. Sept. 13, 2020

“How was school today honey?”…a normal enough question that probably gets asked millions of times across America daily. In a COVID-19 America, sometimes the answer is apparent, or maybe not. That of course depends on if a parent was approached with a fascist waiver to sign stating they will not “eavesdrop” on any virtual learning, as was the case in Tennessee this past August ( What is becoming more and more prevalent, with schools coming into your home, they are now asking you to remove your home from their “classroom.” For one unnamed sixth-grader from Edgewater, NJ, the answer of the “How was school today honey?” question was answered with knocks at the door by the police.

As reported by “The Shore News Network”:

“Police were called and an online Zoom meeting was put into virtual lockdown in New Jersey after a teacher spotted a nerf gun in the home of one of their students. The incident happened in Edgewater, New Jersey. After seeing the gun, the teacher locked the boy out of the Zoom meeting and notified police, who later showed up at the young boy’s home to investigate. It turned out it was a nerf gun in view of the camera at the child’s home.”


Unfortunately, this kind of overreach is becoming the “norm.” From a “Truth About Guns” article we can learn about a similar incident happening in Colorado:

“On August 27th, Isaiah Elliott briefly moved a neon green and black toy handgun with an orange tip during an online class. Isaiah was reported for the apparent infraction, and then suspended from his school for five days. The school vice principal called school resource officers from the sheriff’s office to conduct a welfare check, but Isaiah’s parents were not notified that the police were being called until they were on their way.”


And another event reported by Black Wire Media:

“… with a 11 year old 5th grader in Boy Scouts being the subject of a Police investigation for firearms in his bedroom! After ignorant school officials were made aware via a screen shot of a pegboard display of Nerf, BB, Airsoft and archery bow on a wall…The school Principal notified the school Safety Officer, and instead of calling the parents, a Cop was dispatched to the home and spent 20 minutes searching the bedroom for weapons and interviewing the boy and the mom, a Navy Vet with small arms training. No weapons were found, no charges filed, nothing illegal was taking place.”


Beyond this being just absurd, because we’re talking about toy guns that are clearly toy guns, The Supreme Court of The United States has ruled in the favor of students and free expression in the following cases: Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District (1969), Bethel School District No. 403 v. Fraser (1986) and Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier (1988). This begs to question if the simple display of a toy gun, or anything for that matter, in a virtual classroom (YOUR HOME) in the background, falls under freedom of expression or some wacked out oppressive school rules that are being forced upon American families. Was the teacher afraid of being virtually shot through their computer with a foam dart?!?! We don’t have the full and complete details of the event, so comment is difficult, but the father of the boy, who wishes to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons), sums it up perfectly in his statement to

"My son was on Zoom for class, he had his toy gun. That's not acceptable, naturally, but I'm taking issue with the teacher who didn't find out more about it. The teacher didn't do anything but called the police and escalated the situation."


New Jersey is no stranger to this kind of froth at the mouth knee-jerk reaction to anything “gun” related. Several incidents have been reported over the years involving the usurping of 1st and 2nd Amendment rights of students. Lacey, NJ seems to be a habitual offender, with the following headlines as proof:



“HS students' suspension over gun range photo ignites uproar, potential lawsuit”


“NRA says Lacey schools made teen take down ‘gun’ bumper sticker”


I urge any readers to familiarize themselves with all of these incidents and make known any potential displeasure with their own school boards. Our kids are being swatted and suspended for being kids. Perhaps if the subject matter was more aligned with what the goose-stepping progressive polices of these overacting/overreaching administrations, and how they want our kids to think, everything would be just fine.

The 2nd Amendment has no friends in New Jersey’s leadership. At least, not the policy makers that keep inflicting harm on our Civil Rights. One can argue that New Jersey should be subject to RICO-type statutes, with the way they conspire with groups such as Mom’s Demand Action and Every Town for Gun “Safety”. The gross, ignorant, and misinformed Hoplophobia that is rampant in New Jersey needs to be addressed. These administrations are not just writing policy, they are dictating how we are supposed to think.

After all, what did Governor “Free Stuff/That’s Above My Pay Grade” Murphy have to say about the 2ndAmendment? “A safer society for my taste has fewer guns and not more guns,”…as he’s flanked by armed troopers….


Well known author John Petrolino of "Decoding Firearms" fame writes for Ammoland, The Truth About Guns, Shore News Network AND Black Wire Media (CNJFO's Media Dept.). His research, facts and insight is unparalleled in 2nd Amendment reporting. With an easy-to-read writing style that encourages the reader to follow every word, Petrolino calls a spade a spade. This piece calls-out the stupidity of needless escalation when dealing with virtual schooling during the great Covid caper our NJ Governor is still thrusting upon us.

What's next New Jersey? Police raids after a teacher spots a knife block on a kitchen counter during a virtual school lesson? How about ziplock bags of art supplies that might be drugs? Is such virtual "schooling" worthy of a SWAT Team doing a "stack entry" with M-4 carbines sweeping your entire family? Certainly NOT!

Since when did parents give up their rights to raise their kids in their own homes? Mandatory gun education ought to be taught in schools---starting with snowflake teachers being trained how to identify TOYS and DISREGARD THEM! At CNJFO we do our part. We educate kids that real guns aren't toys, they're TOOLS! It's time for our schools to educate our teachers!

---The Editor

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