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December 04, 2018 4:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

by Kilroy Was Here special to Black Wire Media Dec. 4, 2018 


We are entering perilous times in the State of NJ and the state of our nation – and world - as a whole. As we peer into the unknown and the liberal mandate of using the correct speech, so as not to offend - one has to wonder how we got here. One needs to look no further than Great Britain to see what may unfold if we – as American Citizens and Patriots, take a back seat.

How did we get to a place, that the dialogue of opposing ideas, the epic oratory battle to express one’s beliefs in an open and free environment, is being stymied? Stymied for fear of offense by those that feel they are ushering in some sort of utopian dream where there is no animated contest for freedom – the freedom to seek life liberty and the pursuit of happiness – the zeal to excel as best one can. They feel it is better that we all get participation trophies for just showing up, instead of reaching for the top spot, and even if falling short – we are uplifted by the struggle. Stymied by those that would seek to remove your ability to defend yourself and your family from bad actors – or evil men with evil, horrid plans – they suggest that we embrace the state, they say we will protect you from evil and protect you from your words and the words of others. However, they sing it loud and proud – “ If you have a gun in your home I think you are pretty stupid” - They are truly ushering in a dystopian nightmare if allowed to continue.

Theodore Roosevelt is quoted as saying: "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." – the liberal bastion is creating a generation bound to live in the gray twilight of life.

Recently, someone I know was flagged for hate speech by the liberal children at Facebook for speaking in unison with a ‘friend’ that is also a 2A strong gun rights advocate. The post centered around the holocaust and the ‘friend of the friend’ made a statement that the holocaust should not happen again and better to perish in a pile of hot empty brass than be pushed into a sidecar. Somehow that is hate speech – somehow that is not in keeping with the liberal mindset of victimhood – somehow, I wonder if the liberal children at Facebook trying to usher in the utopian dream by censorship, even know, or even believe what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Today in NJ we are seeing a leadership in Trenton that is part of this dystopian nightmare. Part of the culture of state control, part of the culture of censorship and limiting the rights of citizens to defend oneself and to be free to exercise rights as enumerated in our beloved Constitution. They are now encroaching heavily on our right to keep and bear arms, limiting our ability to defend one’s home, our communities and our nation – from all enemies foreign and domestic. Can a parallel be drawn to the control push in Germany in the 20’s – 30’s that is still heavily debated today as a cause of, or support of the holocaust? Possibly, and I would err on the side that if those that were being targeted, had the means and where with all to resist, maybe things would be different.

We in SIX SHORT DAYS will have the result of this gun control push, a limitation of our right to ammunition capacity – for the greater good. What that greater good is I could not tell you, because we all know that these laws are limitations. They have no bearing on the criminal element and how they operate and go about their daily lives, they could not care one wit about a magazine ban or limitation thereof. That leads us to then question why the encroachment on law abiding citizens, why was there an encroachment on law abiding citizens in Germany – why is there one here in New Jermany?

Only time will answer these questions, only time will tell what the reasoning for this is.

I believe the sole reason for these encroachments, is death by a thousand slices – and the death song for the 2A among liberals, is the total disarmament of a nation. “If I had the votes, Mr. Mrs. America turn in your guns”. They speak about their plans load and proud, they lately do not use false speak to attempt to lead you into a false sense of security – you know what they want, you know what their aim is. Total disarmament – don’t let their nightmare come to fruition.

As the date for compliance draws nearer with the December 10th MAG BAN looming over our heads – each patriot must make a decision – a decision that must be made using common sense and a strong will – a decision that one must be able to live with in the coming days and months – until such time as we can continue to fight these onerous laws with growing vigor and resoluteness.

Our strength can only come in numbers and vibrant voices of freedom of strength – the time of remaining silent and disconnected are over – we must be unified - to continue the push back – to fight these laws and this speech of disarmament head on. We must not be afraid to use our voice, our strength at the ballot box and to speak out while not being afraid to be branded. Remember one thing, history does repeat, men are evil, there is dreadful evil in the world and we must fight it head on.

First they came for the black rifle types, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a black rifle type guy -

Then they came for the semi auto pistols and hi cap mags, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a semi auto hi cap mag guy -

Then they came for the revolvers, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a revolver shooter-

Then they came for me, the shotgun hunter—AND THERE WAS NO ONE LEFT TO SPEAK FOR ME...

The views expressed by our freelance writer & Patriot, "Kilroy Was Here" are printed as a History Lesson to MAKE READERS THINK! CNJFO, its' officers & staff volunteers do not condone breaking the laws of the state of NJ. We are however providing you with the knowledge you need to make a Patriot's choice. For full details on how to COMPLY, see the ANJRPC bulletin here:…/e…/complying_with_nj_s_mag_ban-.pdf…

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