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January 22, 2018 8:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last week.

But, it did not make me any smarter than I already think I am, but what it did do, is open up an episode of The Twilight Zone that stars the state of NJ and the legislators in Trenton – those new-fangled LED screens are still no match for the presence of such silliness emanating from our NJ State House, it cannot be suppressed. 

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If you are not aware, due to the shocking events perpetrated by a madman in Las Vegas, the focus of anti-gun politicians has provided for another full-scale assault on our rights. I fail to see how we can make the heinous event any more onerous on law abiding citizens, but it appears that the politicians smell blood and wish to have their pound of law abiding citizen flesh. 

The national current target of these attacks are something called a bump stock – I heard of them, never felt the need to have one. But what they do, is allow a single trigger pull semi-automatic rifle shoot a bit faster. It does not make a semi auto firearm a machine gun, as those that are well aware of the technical nature of a firearms know full well, it just doesn’t. However, those that make and enact laws, that generally have no basis of understanding of firearms, think this allows a rifle to shoot 1,000 rounds a second in a mass murdering spray of fury. Ok, I exaggerated, but just a little. 
So, given the extreme push to ban this item, many states that allowed them as an unregulated accessory have begun banning them, well because they have to do something. In lieu of getting to the root cause of violence in society, they choose to react by limiting inanimate object to the hands of the law abiding due to the actions of criminals. Drunk drivers kill so many yearly, maybe we should limit the access to vehicles based on the predilection of some to drink and drive. But I digress, that is a story for another episode of the Zone, but back to ur program. 

Seizing upon the push to ban an object that henceforth to the best of my knowledge has never been used in a murderous rampage, our lawmakers have seen fit to expend time, energy, money and political clout to ban an accessory in our state, that has already been banned by nature of it’s operation. Brilliance at the highest level of the legislative process! 

Let me explain, in the state of NJ you cannot have a collapsible stock on a rifle that has what they term ‘evil features’ and a two-evil feature only mandate exists to own an AR type rifle. Generally, that is a pistol grip and a removable magazine, so the stock, if collapsible must be pinned and be unmovable, you cannot have a flash hider and or a bayonet lug either. That completes the evil feature set, and those pesky bayonet lugs – how many liquor stores or banks, have been attempted to be robbed, or others killed by a bayonet mounted on a rifle in NJ, or the US for that matter? Again, I digress but you can see the silliness. 

The very nature of the bump stock, by virtue of it’s mechanical nature, moves – it expands and collapses. Given the above two feature set compliance – especially for a readily non-collapsing stock – they have banned something that has already been banned by another law. I will reference you to the above statement of those making and enacting laws that have no business doing so – as they do not have the technical background or understanding of the finer points of the very items they are looking to regulate in the hands of the law abiding citizenry, criminals get a pass by the very nature of who they are – criminals. 

So, I guess for the Zone the current brilliance of our legislature is next to none. I need to change the channel. 

Author – “Kilroy Was HERE!"

Editor's Note: NJ Senator Loretta Weinberg was famously quoted (when she wasn't asleep!) years ago during the then-attempted magazine ban, "What makes GUNS so special? We vote on things we KNOW NOTHING ABOUT all the time!" "Kilroy Was HERE" is our newest guest columnist for Black Wire Media. We sincerely hop you enjoy his technical expertise & dry wit! ---The Editors

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