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1st Timer to Action Shooting Enjoys Lesson & Drills.

April 13, 2017 3:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

by Black Wire Media Thursday April 13, 2017

Erik Weber, CNJFO's newest member, of Woodbridge, NJ, was first introduced to firearms & shooting by his grandfather at age 8. Almost 24 years later, he now has his own collection in addition to grandpa's Winchester 94 lever. Up until yesterday, to fire a gun he sat (mostly) or stood at a bench. That all drastically changed due to the fulfillment of a promise made by Coalition Vice President Dave Rosenthal, the Police Practical Competition (PPC) discipline co-chair at Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club located in Old Bridge, NJ.

Using his .45ACP Springfield Armory XDm 5.25 competition kit (SA kydex holster & double mag pouch), Weber was given basic instruction in gun handling & use of holster while standing in-place to engage NRA bullseye targets. Freestyle offhand (two hands) quickly morphed into most all of the tools one needs to compete in the International Defensive Pistol Association's (I.D.P.A.) local club matches: From behind cover employing strong hand only, weak hand only, transitioning to weak hand, strong hand only from retention at 1 yard (point-shooting), reload from behind cover, advancing & retreating while engaging, retreating & engaging strong hand only while using weak hand to "grab a small family member", advancing to & engaging multiple threat targets from behind cover. The action shooting lesson consisted of a series of building-block drills (always initiated with an empty gun for a "Dry Run" to remove any "kinks") introduced over a several hour session, complete with BBQ lunch & plenty of bottled water.

Rosenthal knew Weber was used to making small groups from the bench, so instead of I.D.P.A. sanctioned targets he chose to use the Coalition's "Charlie-the-Perp" silhouette target with PPC-style reduced size scoring rings, thus employing the "aim small, miss small" theory of targeting. Somewhere in-between a B-34 reduced 50 yard target & a life-size B-27 silhouette (both used by the PPC league Rosenthal co-chairs), Charlie targets are a great training aid. Printed by Speedwell Target, a CNJFO sponsor from Union, NJ, Charlie targets are available mail-order from the Coalition at: for just a buck apiece. Although this video shows Weber not completely behind cover from the right side, he made the correction upon transitioning to the weak hand; an easy fix for the next practice run :) .


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